Four Colorado Doctors Suspended for Cannabis Recommendations

By Habit 420

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On July 19th, 2016 the Colorado Medical Board suspended four separate doctors for recommending their cannabis patients be able to grow over 75 plants. In all, they had made recommendations to over 1,500 patients allowing for plant counts greater than the states typical six plant limit.

State officials, as far back as 2013, have threatened to enforce the laws more strictly and punish doctors who abuse the medical marijuana system in Colorado. Doctors are asked on the states medical marijuana certification forms if they are recommending higher counts, and to explain why.

Some doctors even advertised “highest counts, lowest prices”, which brings into question the true need that many of the patients have. In Colorado, doctors can recommend a higher count when the patient can demonstrate a, “medical necessity.”

“If someone had a recommendation for 60 or 70 plants, there is only one reason they are doing that, and that is to sell it on the black market and sell it out of this state,” Dr. Wendy Zaharko of Aspen told the Denver Post in 2013.

It was the first time the Colorado had taken action against multiple doctors at once, said Vincent Plymell, spokesman for the Colorado Medical Board’s Department of Regulatory Agencies. All previous disciplinary actions happened one at a time.

The suspended doctors are (all accused of recommending over 75 plants to multiple patients):

  • Dr. Gentry Dunlop of Aurora, who recommended large counts to over 700 patients,
  • Dr. William Stone, of Colorado Springs, who recommended large counts to over 400 patients,
  • Dr. Deborah Parr of Durango, who recommended large counts to over 300 patients,
  • Dr. Robert Maiocco of Denver, who recommended large counts to over 190 patients.

Suspensions will last “until resolution of this matter,” according to the orders.

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