Getting Ready For A Recreational Weed Experience? Know What To Expect

The legalization of weed has changed the outlook towards the substance, and more users are embracing it for recreational purposes. If you want to try it for the first time, you will be curious about the effects it may have on you. The curiosity may be as exhilarating as the experience itself. It would be good to prepare yourself for the experience before going ahead. You need real information rather than half-baked facts when it comes to getting ready for the plunge. Here is some expert advice that can help you have clear expectations for the first time.

Be conscious about the timing

Whether it is your first job interview or your first experience with weed, there is always a right time for everything. Ideally, you should be relaxed and ready when you take the first puff or try the first bite of a cannabis-infused product. Being in a trusted company and having a quality product are other ways to make things work. Some research on the cannabis strain and product you plan to start with is a good idea. It will help you pick one according to your purpose and ensure that the experience is good enough. Never start with negative emotions, and neither should you mix cannabis with alcohol and drugs because they do not make a great combination.

You may not feel anything

Surprising as it may sound, you may not feel anything the first time, and it can be as good as touch and go. Unlike many other drugs, cannabis has the tendency to creep up on you gently, depending on the method of consumption and dosage. If you choose to start with edibles, they will not give you an instant kick. Instead, the curve may be slow and sustainable, and you may get a mild feeling that may last for hours without really making you high. Perhaps, that is the reason why this consumption method is considered to be the best for the newbies. On the other hand, if you want the hit to be strong and noticeable, try something aggressive like dab or vape.

Know your threshold

Another piece of advice that beginners should never ignore is to know your thresholds, which can be trickier than you think. Ideally, you may stop consuming straight away when you start feeling the impact. That is perhaps your threshold dosage as a starter, and you shouldn’t exceed beyond it. Wait for half an hour to see how these feelings develop and whether you are happy with the experience. You can take a little more if the feelings start to recede after the waiting period. As a rule of thumb, go low and slow and stop at the first signs of enough. It ensures safety as well as pleasure with a gradual buildup.

Your first experience with weed can be the most special one and it determines whether you will try it again. So make sure that you everything possible to tailor it according to these expert tips. You will definitely have a memorable one!

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