Glycerin Cannabis Tincture (Crock Pot Method)


By Kristi Anderson

NOTE: This make s a lot and can be cut in half.

  • 1/2 gallon (64 fl oz) of U.S.P. Food Grade Glycerin
  • 84 grams (3 oz) of trimmings (or 70g/2.5oz if using quality buds)
  • A coffee herb grinder or any other object to finely grind your ganja
  • A crock pot with a very low setting
  • Cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer

Grind marijuana in coffee grinder, briefly, or longer in a food grinder, you want a roughly ground product, not a powder. You don’t want any buds left, but not a powder either.

Set the crock pot to low. If possible, keep the crock pot on a ‘Keep Warm’ setting; some crock pots will burn the tincture even at a low setting so take warning!

Stir product once every hour or so. Watch for burning!

After 24 hours, let cool to room temperature and strain through cheesecloth (4 layers is usually good). Store in refrigerator in convenient container or even the same glycerin bottles.

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3 thoughts on “Glycerin Cannabis Tincture (Crock Pot Method)

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  • 05/26/2017 at 3:09 am

    Hi Guys I am from NZ where this is illegal. Can’t have our kids injecting themselves with this filthy stuff you are peddling with this recipe.
    So.. what I wanted to suggest is you will find your tincture to be very much more active if you decarboxylate your bud fitst.
    This just means putting your bud in the oven for 35 mins on around 115C. I put mine in a cassrole dish cos it’s kind of smelly. Range hood on full power lol. I will add glycerine to the casserole dish at this stage and I add the crumbled bud that i have put into a nut-milk bag or you can use cheesecloth, this just makes it so much easier when it comes to straining the herb out.
    Cook for the required amount of time and strain.
    Bingo! Tincture. I also use the same method for infused coconut oil. I will add liquid sunflower lecithin after straining, about 2Tbsp per 250ml of coconut oil. It is supposedly very good for helping the body use the cannabis.
    What a wonderful plant this is.

  • 05/26/2017 at 7:38 am

    Inject this stuff….Bwa ha ha ha ha…Ok, since you are from New Zealand, where they are known for their cannabis knowledge?? I guess you must know what you are talking about, eh? NOT! The Crock-Pot decarboxylates the cannabis…so not sure what you are speaking of…Have a nice day down there almost in Antacrtica!!

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