Grant County Oregon To Allow Medical Dispensaries

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July 17, 2016 – Grant County, Oregon administrators approve medical marijuana dispensaries on July 13th, in a unanimous vote. The vote comes after a close defeat for a measure in May’s primary, which would have allowed all types on marijuana businesses to operate in the county, not just medical marijuana dispensaries.

In a major turn of events on Wednesday the county’s Court, their county commission, voted to move ahead with medical dispensaries, citing patient access as the main reason. Judge Scott Myers, the Court’s elected leader, and both commissioners elected to allow dispensaries only, and to continue the ban on other licenses and recreational sales.

It will be interesting to watch when the tax dollars from recreational sales are distributed and Grant County receives none, will attitudes again change as Deschutes county collects the big money east of the Cascades.

From The East Oregonian:

“Chief petitioner David Kilpatrick said, ‘I think the county court’s approval of dispensaries shows the changing attitudes toward medical marijuana in Grant County.’ ”

“We appreciate that the commissioners made the right decision for the medical marijuana patients in the county,” said Haley Olson, who has also been a vocal advocate on the issue. “This decision came after very emotional testimonies from patients.”

“We worked really hard for the medical patients of Grant County,” Cindy Kidd added. “I’ve been pulling for them. They’ve had to travel out of town. Medical marijuana patients have to travel to the dispensary themselves. I’m glad that I was a part of it — this is huge for Grant County.”

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