Healthy Soils for Healthy Food Production (and Cannabis): July 31 Infographic

Healthy soils are the basis for healthy food production

From the Food and Agricultural Association of the United Nations.

Healthy soils are the foundation of the food system. Our soils are the basis for agriculture and the medium in which nearly all food-producing plants grow. Healthy soils produce healthy crops that in turn nourish people and animals. Indeed, soil quality is directly linked to food quality and quantity.

With a global population that is projected to exceed 9 billion by 2050, compounded by competition for land and water resources and the impact of climate change, our current and future food security hinges on our ability to increase yields and food quality using the soils that are already under production today.

Healthy Soils for Healthy Food Production
Healthy Soils for Healthy Food. Image: FAO of the UN
Date: 26/03/2015
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