Hearse Smuggling Marijuana in Coffin Busted in AZ

By Habit 420
Oregon Cannabis Connection


Authorities on April 28th busted a hearse carrying over 67 pounds of marijuana in a coffin through Arizona. The vehicle was headed for none other than the town of Tombstone … no joke! The stop was performed by Border Patrol agents near an immigration checkpoint since the vehicle acted erratic near the border along State Route 80 near Mexico. From the US Customs and Border Protection:

“Early Saturday evening, agents working near the immigration checkpoint noticed a white hearse traveling south towards Tombstone. A while later, agents observed the same hearse traveling north and turning west before reaching the SR 80 Immigration Checkpoint. Upon further investigation of the vehicle, agents conducted an immigration vehicle stop. After several inconsistencies from the driver, consent was requested and granted to allow a canine to perform a “sniff” of the vehicle. Border Patrol canine unit was requested and arrived to the location of the stop and the canine alerted to an odor it was trained to detect.”

The authorities determined the 67 pounds was valued at around $33,000, which is a remarkably fair value compared to the usual confiscation valuations of $3,000 or $4,000 per pound. There is little value in smuggling bad quality cannabis into legal states. There is also a generous supply of cannabis in the United States already from the legal cultivation that already occurs in many places. It’s remarkable that the smugglers thought it was worth their effort to bring in what was likely low quality weed.

The 28 year old driver was arrested and is being charged for contraband smuggling.

News release here: https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom
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