High Times Brings Their “CUP” to Portland

By Keith Mansur

Oregon Cannabis Connection

Johnny green pled with High Times® to bring their famous Cannabis Cup© to Portland, and they seem to have listened. Earlier this year, way back in July, Johnny posted on his popular online blog, The Weed Blog, a plea for them to bring it to Portland.

Per Johnny’s post:

This is a public plea to High Times to consider bringing the Cup to Portland, Oregon. Oregon is one of the most cannabis friendly states in America. We were the first to decriminalize, the second to pass a medical marijuana law, and in November we will likely legalize marijuana. There is a reason that Jack Herer lived here for so long – Oregon LOVES cannabis. Please, please, PLEASE bring the Cup to Oregon. High Times fans in Oregon, cannabis fans in Oregon, and specifically this weed blogger would love you for it.

Well YAHOO! For you cup lovers! They are bringing it to Portland, and Johnny’s pleas were heard, I guess…I do give Johnny a lot of credit for his activism, and I do believe he had at least a modicum of influence over the decision. His blog is one of the best.

Portland has been added to the mix, along with a group of other cups, There are cups in So. Cal, Denver, and San Francisco before the PDX event. What the second half of the year will provide? Who knows?

The date? Well, that seems undetermined yet (as of Dec 8th). But, if you are interested, no matter what you can get tickets at http://cannabiscup.com/portland#tickets.

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