History of Hemp: January 22 Infographic

by Bluebird Botanicals


Hemp has been commonly misunderstood – largely because it is a close cousin of the persecuted cannabis plant known as “marijuana.” While both hemp and recreational/medical cannabis are varieties of Cannabis sativa, each is unique and distinct with different biochemical compositions. The primary, legal differentiator between the two is that hemp has much lower concentrations of the psychotropic cannabinoid, THC. Hemp is cultivated for food, CBD and other cannabinoids, fiber, biofuels, and more.

Not only is hemp currently being celebrated widely for its health benefits and numerous uses, it was also an integral part of U.S. agricultural history before being wrongly demonized and criminalized. With enough time and education, it will likely once again be the United States’ most valuable agricultural asset. Join the movement and take a look at this brief history of hemp to discover this plant’s rich past.

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