How Can Using CBD Products Help Those Suffering from Drug Withdrawal Issues?

CBD products have been cited as highly beneficial for their therapeutic effects. On the other hand, comparatively little research has been carried out into how CBD products can help recovering addicts with drug withdrawal.

This is a serious issue as CBD could very well be the next weapon in the fight against worldwide drug addiction.

Studies have already shown that CBD is proficient at reducing symptoms of anxiety, but does CBD go further than that?

Drug Withdrawal and Mental Health

Drug withdrawal is known for causing serious mental health problems. Eliminating a damaging long-term habit has the potential to lead to a range of problems, including anxiety, depression, and even psychosis.

For those already suffering from mental health issues, drug withdrawal can exasperate those issues. These drug withdrawal issues are likely to lead to stronger mental health episodes.

So, what can CBD do to help recovering addicts cope?

Is There Any Evidence to Support CBD as a Weapon Against Mental Health Problems?

It’s a known fact that many marijuana addicts who try to quit experience some form of anxiety. One in ten marijuana users have mental health problems when trying to quit marijuana. In more serious situations, some people experience psychosis.

We don’t have much evidence to state that premium CBD products are capable of adequately addressing mental health issues caused by drug withdrawal.

Some studies do support it, however. In a landmark study, a woman with schizophrenia was treated with CBD for four weeks and experienced improvement in her symptoms.

In another study, six sufferers of Parkinson disease also showed improvements in their psychosis symptoms after four weeks of CBD treatment.

For now, though, not enough research has been performed to show a definitive link between CBD products and improved mental health.

CBD is Useful for Beating Stress

What we do know is that pure, premium CBD products are capable of helping people with both anxiety and stress. There’s even a limited amount of evidence illustrating how useful CBD can be for coping with depression. You can click through here to find out more about high quality CBD oils that offer the maximum beneficial effects of the Hemp plant to users. Also, a CBD Tincture can work well.

CBD is a compound harvested from both hemp and marijuana itself. The difference is since the THC is only present in small amounts to help with the Entourage effect, explained here It’s impossible to get high from quality, filtered CBD oils and products.

Instead, you will experience a feeling of calm and relaxation. CBD is the part of marijuana that allows your body to relax.

For this reason, CBD is highly adept at helping people to cope with both anxiety and depression.

Last Word – Will We See Clinical Use of CBD?

There’s a strong possibility that CBD will eventually be used within clinical drug addiction treatment settings. However, there’s still a long road to go before this happens. Only certain countries like the UK and the Netherlands have legalized CBD.

As more research is carried out, the chances of seeing CBD being used in clinical drug treatment settings will gradually increase, as long as the evidence holds up.

Have you tried using CBD oil before?

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