How Can Vaping Help You Relieve/Manage Stress

Every day, life throws a bunch of stressors our way. It’s almost impossible to escape stress, which seems to have become an integral part of our life. And, while we all seem to have demonized stress; it’s not necessarily always a bad thing. It’s just your body’s way of informing you of a challenging situation and getting you to prep yourself.

It keeps you on your toes. Stress can keep you going to achieve your everyday goals. It’s pretty much inevitable. However, it becomes a problem if it persists for long periods of time; so much so that you forget what it’s like to live in a relaxed state of body and mind.

That’s why the importance of stress management cannot be overemphasized in modern times; given the kind of lifestyle, we’re living.

Common Ways to Manage Stress

You can manage stress in myriad forms. A few of the popular stress-management techniques are exercising, breathwork, meditation, biofeedback technique, etc. But, not a whole lot of people think about vaping when they think about ways to keep stress at bay. It’s surprising because vaping is both easy and cheap; not to mention incredibly effective.

Vaping is particularly good for chain smokers who simply cannot do without a stick of cigarette in their day. It’s not loaded with those harmful chemicals and carcinogens. So, you’ll be doing your body a favor by replacing an awful habit with a not-so-awful one. Take a look at TheHempire website, they have reviewed the best cbd vape oil options that are available on the cannabis industry circuit to date and it is greatly appreciated for reducing stress and anxiety.

What is Vaping?

It’s essentially the act of exhaling and inhaling vapors or aerosol which are produced by an e-cigarette or a similar-looking device such as vape pens and advanced vaporizers.

The e-cig would produce an aerosol. They do not resemble cigarette or tobacco smoking. Rather, they look much like steam. Ever since electronic cigarettes found their way into the markets, people have started to look at them as an alternative to conventional smoking as well as a tool for easing stress. You can browse through and an endless variety of vape pens and e-cigs at Big Daddy Smoke.

Few of the reasons why people turn to vape are:

  • To cut down on the frequency of smoking or to quit it altogether
  • For recreational purposes
  • They are odor-free and flavorful
  • For sheer enjoyment
  • For easing stress
  • For socializing
  • It’s a healthier option to cigarette smoking.

As long as you’re of legal age, you can vape. The legal age may vary depending on which part of the world you live in. If you want to have the finest vaping experience, you must choose the cheap e-liquid taste for your vape tank.

How Exactly Does Vaping Help Manage Stress?

Vaping Tends to help Mind and Body Relax

This is a legit question and a lot of people actually have it. Many wonder how exactly vaping helps to actually cut down on the intensity of stress.

Well, when you are trying to kick smoking to the curb, your body goes into a withdrawal state. That triggers a bunch of stress-related symptoms. When you switch to vaping, you can effectively fight and manage those symptoms. If you’re trying to make a smooth, painless transition towards a healthy lifestyle, vaping is sure to relax you.

It’s an effective tool in managing the often depressive episodes and anxiety that often accompany quitting smoking. The working mechanism of vaping for reducing stress is similar to listening to music or having a bath to achieve the same desired effects.

Going cold turkey is not always a feasible option for everyone. If the cold turkey approach is not for you, you could very well go into depression. To avoid that, it’s always better to resort to a way less harmful tool like vaping. Since it’s a chemical-free approach to smoking, you can lower your stress levels all the while improving concentration and focus.

Vaping is a way cheaper and affordable way of reducing/managing stress

Using a vaping device or an e-cigarette is a way more affordable and cost-effective option than buying a pack of cigarettes.

Vaping comes in all forms. You can go nicotine-free, you can also go for liquids that come with a little bit of nicotine. Vaping devices and vape pens come with a cartridge where you put the e-juice, a mouthpiece, a heating chamber and a battery that heats up the heating chamber.

When you turn on the device, the chamber gets heated up; turning the juice into aerosol or vapors. You then inhale those via the mouthpiece and finally exhale them through the mouth.

The whole hand-to-mouth action can feel a lot like regular cigarette smoking. Sometimes just the act of holding a cigarette in your hand can satiate those cravings which often cause stress. The fact that a vape pen does the same job without bombarding you with nicotine and other harmful stuff, you don’t feel stressed or anxious.

Vaping is ‘Relatively’ Safe

Let’s just say that vaping is one of the cleanest/purest methods of smoking that there is. Cigarettes carry over 7,000 chemicals (20 of which are known carcinogens). While the chemical composition of vaping is not fully studied yet, it clearly doesn’t contain nearly as many harmful chemicals and carcinogens as a cigarette.

What’s more, the presence of nicotine satisfies the craving left by quitting cigarettes. Nicotine is the only major compound present in vaping. Additionally, you’re always free to control the amount of nicotine that is getting inside your system. You cannot do so with a cigarette.

The sudden lack of nicotine intake can also send a few individuals spiraling into stress and anxiety. Vaping offers a much healthier way to slowly manage those sudden bouts of anxiety and stress.

Vaping is the Lesser of Two Evils

It’s not nearly as hazardous as smoking. This is not to say that vaping is completely devoid of dangers. But, clearly – of the two – it’s a far safer option. Take a look at TheHempire website and their infographic.

You can slowly begin to rebuild your body and eliminate harmful toxins that were left by smoking. As soon as you make the switch, you should start to feel the difference. Your levels of energy will increase and the intensity of craving for nicotine should also begin to subside slowly but surely.

Some of the few side-effects of vaping can range from irritation, cough, nausea, addiction, and in rare cases – pain. While many argue that there’s not much difference between vaping and smoking, they often overlook the complete absence of tar and the myriad harmful toxins.

In Conclusion

It’s evidence that vaping is a relatively safer option of managing stress which is often left by the sudden absence of smoking. You can also use vaping as a recreational tool. It is best to not consume any kind of smoke. But, for smokers – vaping can be a savior. That’s why the importance of stress management cannot be overemphasized in modern times; given the
kind of lifestyle, we’re living.

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