How To Effectively Get Rid Of Marijuana Dependency

Marijuana or Cannabis dependency is very common amongst young and older people. As long as the engagement keeps increasing, it is almost certain that the dependency rate will also increase as people turn to it as an enjoyable recreational activity or a source of solace. Marijuana serves different purposes for different users; for some, it is a form of relaxation; for others, it is a pain reliever, and others use it to ease themselves of temporary stress. It is largely considered a less harmful drug or substance because it is natural and has relatively milder effects, plus its medical benefits. However, marijuana still has its dangers though it isn’t as dangerous as drugs like heroin and meth. It has been proven that a chronic cannabis habit is harmful to your psychological and physical health.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Dependency?

It is honestly not easy to stop being dependent on marijuana as it takes time, effort, patience, and even commitment, but that can be a success with these simple steps.

Get Rid of Your Supply

It is important to avoid having marijuana around you as soon as you’ve decided to quit. Having cannabis around makes you want to smoke, and hanging around those who feed your dependency makes it even worse. If you truly want to quit, get rid of them and don’t look back.

Seek Professional Help

There is a huge possibility that your efforts alone wouldn’t see you through. Seeking professional help would be beneficial. You could seek help from a cannabis rehab. They help with marijuana detox and treatment. You may also want to consider seeking professional help from a counselor or therapist with experience of marijuana dependency.

Exercise Often

Extensive research has proven that exercise can help to reduce the longing for marijuana. Exercise also goes a long way in restoring brain function even after being dependent for long. Exercise is also a great way to fight and overcome stress. Hence, it is a healthy, better and more resourceful alternative and coping mechanism for those who turn to smoke marijuana because they want to ease themselves from stress.

Stay Sober 

Even if you are the life of the party amongst friends who are heavy or light smokers, it is important that you stay off the party as breaking your routine will be particularly difficult if you are there. Rather than setting yourself up to be tempted, you could plan and organize sober events, or ensure the absence of cannabis at your events, to avoid the urge to use. Sooner than later, you will realize that you can have fun without getting high, and this discovery will help you find joy in sobriety.

Find A Support System

Often, by letting your friends and family have an insight on the fact that you are aware of the fact you have a dependency problem, and you are making waves to quit, you will find a safe space with support and compassion. It will make it easier for you to stick to being committed since you have voiced it out, and you will put in more effort to not let them down. When you feel weak, and the cravings pop up, you could lean on your support system to help you get through the tough times.

It is already a great step to conceive the thoughts of getting rid of your marijuana dependency. However, a lot of effort and dedication has to be put in to achieve your goal of quitting cannabis. This is very attainable, but only if you are willing to try.

Keith Mansur

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