How To Fix Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue is a strange feeling for vapers when they don’t feel the taste of e juice anymore. Mostly, it is a transient issue that will be recovered automatically after a few whiles. In this post, we share the causes of Vaper’s tongue and how to fix it. Enjoy!

Possible reasons for Vaper’s tongue

Vaper’s tongue is almost like the same sensation of loss of taste. However, the reasons are not alike. Check the possible causes of this hitch.

Weak taste buds

Humans have the most active taste buds that can distinguish over 10000 different tastes. But, we are used to five common tastes in general. Unfortunately, taste buds weaken after a certain age. Even it gets destroyed in some cases. Having no taste in your tongue doesn’t mean your taste buds are damaged permanently. Sometimes, it is a temporary issue that will be recovered in a short period.


Dehydration occurs when your body lacks essential liquids. It isn’t only relevant to the odd taste in your mouth and responsible for other physical complications. When your body doesn’t receive sufficient liquids, it starts to provide salty minerals to saliva. This occurrence can suddenly change your taste.

Mouth dryness

Saliva is essential to keep your mouth wet and comfortable. It contains some crucial substances like minerals, electrolytes, and more. When your mouth fails to produce saliva, it becomes dry naturally. Thus, your tongue finds no taste afterward.

Blocked nose

Sense of smell is nearly concerned with mouth taste. When you have a blocked nose issue somehow, you will certainly lose the taste. Since you can’t smell, your brain can’t determine the taste of the object you are inhaling.

Particular medicines

Vapers often feel strange when they don’t feel the taste. But, they are physically active and have no chronic illness. Some particular medicines can seize your sense of taste for a short period. If it happens without any reason, consider if you are taking any medicines prescribed by a doctor.


Stress is the hidden killer behind many physical complications. It can change the chemistry of your body negatively. It is found in several studies that stress and anxiety are responsible for many physical abnormalities like weakness, breathing issues, loss of taste, and more.

How to fix Vaper’s tongue

If Vaper’s tongue’s symptoms appear in you, and you think it happens due to the above reasons, you can fix them by applying the following tricks.

Hydrate yourself

Dehydration is a common cause of losing taste. In such a case, increase drinking water. If you vape frequently, drink water a few often to keep your mouth and body hydrated.

Take a break

It might be a rare case that you don’t have the taste due to inhaling the same flavor for a long time. You can change the flavor. But, another way to regain your taste is to take a break from vaping. Your mouth’s tissue will be recovered automatically and the sense of taste will be back gradually.

Clean your tongue

Oral hygiene is essential for keeping your regular taste buds active. Excessive films on your tongue can hamper your natural sense of taste. Clean your tongue routinely outside of brushing the teeth. If uncleanliness is responsible for the no taste, it will turn back soon.

Change the flavor

You might have a favorite flavor. But, your brain is used to it for a long while and it doesn’t count the smell anymore. In that scenario, take a different flavor, which will be a new experience for your brain and taste buds.

Unless your sense of taste becomes normal after a long while, consult with a doctor immediately.

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