How to Make a Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is a type of water bong. It’s designed to make the smoke from marijuana more potent and easier to inhale. Gravity bongs are very easy to use, and it’s pretty popular these days. All you need is a bucket, ice, potting soil or cat litter, some water, and your favorite smoking device (pipe). Also, it would be best for you to buy the gravity bongs from an online platform at an affordable price.

In this guide, we will discuss the steps to make a gravity bong.

What Is A Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is a method of smoking cannabis or tobacco that involves using water to produce smoke which is usually more relaxed and smoother than other methods. The device works by filling the chamber with water, packing it full of ground material such as weed, then putting your mouth over one end (usually on the bottom) and sucking in gently while releasing air from your lungs into the tube.

Air pressure will force most of the oxygen out of your bagpipe because you’re pulling down at an angle perpendicular to its length rather than pushing up like when doing normal breathing – this causes the suction within the container just like how deep-sea divers can stay underwater for hours without coming up for air.

How Does A Gravity Bong Work?

First, to illustrate how it works, we’ll go through the various components of a gravity bong. It is made out of half a bottle, the upper half of which has a bowl constructed on its top and a giant bowl filled with water, large enough for the upper half of the bottle to be dipped within the water. When using a gravity bong, you must immerse the upper half of the bottle in water, burn the cannabis on the bowl, and pull the bottle up, allowing the smoke to collect inside the gap between the upper piece and the bowl.

Remove the lid from the upper bottle next, but be careful not to press down or raise the piece as you do so. After successfully removing the upper cap and bowl, place your lips on the aperture of the bottle and inhale the smoke as you push down the bottle, releasing the smoke that had been held in the body of your smoking device.

Steps To Make A Gravity Bong

Step 1: Cut The Upper Piece

The first step in making a gravity bong at home is to cut off the lower half of a plastic bottle. There are two ways to make your gravity bong now: one that is exceptionally straightforward and basic, and another that is more sophisticated. What you could do is remove the lid and set it away in case you need it later.

Step 2: Making the bowl

The second step is to add the flavor and use Aluminium foil to cover the whole mouth of your half-plastic bottle. Cover the entire surface, forming a bowl in the middle. Then, use a needle to poke little holes in it. These are the openings that allow smoke to pass through your smoking gadget.

Step 3: Fill Water In Bottle And Light Up

Lastly, you can fill water in the bottle and then light up. A young gravity bong is now ready to go.

The Bottom Line

Gravity bongs are effective and relatively easy to make. They allow for a fast intake of smoke, so the head is high in seconds without having to suck hard or spend time heating the water. Gravity bongs also do not require any materials outside of what you already have laying around your house! We hope that this guide helps you in making the perfect gravity bong for you.

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