How to Make Delta 8 Gummies At Home? Step by Step

Are you fascinated by how amazing edibles are? Do you think of DIY-ing your way into making some at home? Well, that’s an achievable thought.

Delta-8 is a byproduct of cannabinoid extraction that is gaining popularity these days. People are interested in exploring the amazing yet mild high that comes with this compound. So even though you can purchase delta-8 gummies from the best brands online, why not make it a bit fun?

Delta-8 gummies at home!

Gummies are sugar candies that are wildly popular amongst people of all ages. They are fruity and tasty and can be enjoyed at any hour of the day. Making these delta-8 gummies is super easy. And there is always a scope of making your treat even more enjoyable.

To DIY delta-8 gummies at home, you would need some of the basic sugar candies ingredients. It will also involve an extract of Delta-8, which plays the key ingredient in the entire recipe.

Necessary ingredients


You don’t have to look for some fancy baking sugar to make your gummies. Instead, you can grab on the regular table sugar that you use at home. It will work just fine.


It will be used as a base for mixing. Instead of water, you can also use some flavored liquid to amp up the taste of your gummies. You can also use any fruit juice to wing your gummies towards the healthy side.


To achieve a certain consistency, you will need thickeners and sweeteners as well. Use any syrup, like corn, for thickening the mixture. You can opt for glucose as a sweetener. If you want to make it a bit healthy, you can replace glucose with honey.

You can also add some amount of citric acid to get a tangier and lip-smacking flavor. To make the taste even richer, add some candy flavoring in the mix as well.

Gelatin / Pectin (Vegan)

Gelatin is one of the primary ingredients. It helps in giving your gummies that jelly and wiggly consistency. It will make your food fun!


Gummies that look fun taste fun. So what if you are making candy for adults? You can make it look funky. Molds will help in giving your gummies the desired shape.


A few basic kitchen tools like a saucepan, spatula, cooking spray, and whisk are necessary for the process.

Step 1

Before you start mixing up all your ingredients in a bowl, measure about 44 grams of gelatin. Choose unflavored gelatin, or else it will interfere with the taste of your gummies.

Mix this portion of gelatin in roughly six ounces of water. You can replace water with any other flavored liquid or fruit juices if you wish. However, don’t hold on to your desire if you want to spice up your gummies with some classy alcohol or trashy beer.

Once you are done mixing thoroughly, let your bowl rest so that the gelatin can absorb water and attain a relevant consistency.

Next, add about 8 ounces of sugar and corn syrup to a saucepan. Substitute the corn syrup with honey if you wish. You can also add about three tablespoons of sorbitol to the mix for better texture and flavoring. Mix all these ingredients well before moving on to the next step.

Step 2

Once you mix your ingredients in the respective bowls, it’s time to bring in some heat. Don’t let the fire blaze, or you will end up with an unpleasant texture. Instead, put your saucepan on the heat and let the mixture blend in gently.

Let it get smooth and hot. Make sure it doesn’t boil. Once it is hot, start adding the gelatin mixture.

Allow the gelatin to melt and mix with the syrups in the saucepan. When you are happy with the entire mixture and sure that there aren’t any undissolved lumps left, remove it from the heat. At this point, you can add a small amount (2 tsp) of citric acid to the mix.

Let this mixture sit for ten to fifteen minutes. You might notice the formation of foam in the mixture. Make sure to get rid of the same before the mixture starts to thicken.

Step 3

Now it’s time to add the goodies. Once the mixture cools down a bit, strain the entire thing. To this filtered mix, add your delta-8 extract. Depending upon the amount of delta-8 you want in each gummy, do your calculation.

For instance, if one gummy contains around 5-10 mg of delta-8 extract, multiply the same with the number of gummies you are making.

You can also add candy flavors and food coloring at this point. Pour the final liquid into your gummy molds. Make sure to spray the mold with non-stick cooking oil. Let these molds sit for at least 24 hours. Voila! You are ready to relax with your homemade gummies.

To sum it up

It is a simple recipe to enjoy some delicious gummies at home. Just make sure to measure delta-8 extract carefully. Don’t overdose on the delta-8 gummies, as it might result in side effects.

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