How To Start An Online Weed Delivery Business

Updated 10-26-2020

Most people would look at you suspiciously when you tell them that you’d like to start a weed delivery service. Some have their own moral qualms with it and others perceive it as a risky investment. What many do not see is the amount of growth that the cannabis industry has been reaping in the last few years.

The cannabis industry’s growth depends on which part of the world you’re in, but it seems that they’re all seeing some positive improvements and acceptance from the public. The number of active weed users has doubled between the years 2013 and 2016 to reach 13% of all Americans. Recreational use is no longer as stigmatic as it used to be and medical use is becoming more prevalent as research continues to show improvements. A lot of people may be a bit confused about how to start their own online weed delivery business since the industry is still relatively in its infancy state. We’ll try to help by offering our little guide that should help you get on track.


This is one of the most important factors that is going to affect your business drastically or even determine its existence. Marijuana is still not legal on the federal level, but many states would allow it as long as you follow their rules. The legality of weed is dependent on its purposes, whether it’s medical or recreational. You’ll find some states allowing only the use of medical marijuana while banning recreational cannabis and its cultivation. It’s clear that you shouldn’t begin any form of investment in online weed delivery services before you do your homework on the legality of the business in the intended location. You’ll want to check the state law and ensure that you’ll be operating on a 100% legal base before you make any decision.

Licensing and Permits

Considered by many the hardest step yet one of the most important is the process of obtaining permits and licenses to distribute marijuana from the government. It’s highly advised to contact a legal professional expert on the laws of the state to help guide you through the process. You’ll want to make sure you know everything there is about the needed documentation, licensing fees, and other regulations before you start investing. Once you’re able to get the clearance certificate from the state you want to operate it, you should be more than ready to start.

A business license can be different depending on whether you’ll be operating with a dispensary storefront. If your business isn’t going to have a dispensary storefront, you’ll need to apply for a retailer non-storefront business license to be able to do it. While this will still require you to have premises, it won’t be needed to be available to the public. Always remember that once you acquire the license, every delivery driver should have a copy with them in their designated vehicles.


Your business model is going to greatly affect the choices you have when it comes to marketing. Your location, competitors, and legality are all very important factors that vary from one state to another. Online weed delivery services require an investment in digital marketing to grow. Regular SEO techniques are known not to be the best when it comes to marijuana, which is where Marijuana SEO comes into play. It helps deal with the restrictions that are hindering online paid advertising of marijuana. Specialized content and SEO techniques reserved for marijuana are quite crucial in your marketing campaign.

Despite being legal in many states, marijuana still carries a stigma, which makes it more challenging to market cannabis products. One way to lift that stigma is using clean and well-designed packaging. For example, this company sells CBD products in neat, honest, and aesthetically pleasing packaging to build a positive image of its products and brand. Virtually every marketer knows the importance of good packaging to create a positive impression of a product, attract customers’ attention, and get more sales.


Since the marijuana market is a highly regulated marketplace, it’s important that all workers and owners in your business are quite aware of the regulation and their updates constantly. Some simple courier mistakes have the potential of dealing heavy losses on your business, not to mention that drivers operating under the influence can result in greater penalties. Compliance regulations include having a GPS tracking device that is always on and inside the vehicle. In most states, it’s not permissible for couriers to carry or deliver products that are worth more than $3000 at any time. Every transaction is required by the law to be recorded by the law with the business and customer’s information on the receipt.


In any business where delivery is a key element, making sure that the couriers or drivers have reputable records is a very important aspect. Since the stakes are higher in weed delivery businesses, it’s even more important than ever to do so. You’ll want to reduce the training time by looking for drivers who are already familiar with the process, compliance, and regulations. Topics like physical address-only delivery, the products, and DUI are the most important ones you’d like to ensure your drivers are familiar with.


The dispatcher is the coordinator who ensures that every order goes to the right customer at the right time and which driver gets assigned which order. Thankfully, technology is making the process easier and allowing automated software to handle high volumes of orders in mere seconds. Updates and notifications should be always maintained for both drivers and customers to ensure that the timely manner of the order flow.


Needless to say, in such a progressive industry, using technology to its full potential is quite rewarding. You want your users to be able to simply reach you, make orders, and pay without having to waste any time. Your drivers would also benefit from dedicated delivery applications that allow them to see the GPS location of delivery points and the expected time. Transactions can be done in numerous ways like using courier’s phones as a register, cash, and credit transactions can be done online. In states where medical marijuana is only permitted, new customers should be able to sign digital forms online and upload the required documentation.

The world is slowly becoming more accepting and less stigmatizing of marijuana over time. It’s these times that make investing in a weed delivery business a lucrative opportunity. As long as you do your homework and research the laws of your state, you should be able to start your business in no time.


Habit 420 is a Oregon Medical Marijuana Program participant for over ten years, a grower, and an activist. He believes cannabis has a unique place in our society and should be embraced for medical and adult use. To correspond with him, email him at

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