Immune System Boosting Recommendations to Help Transition into the Cold Season

Fall has officially descended upon us with direr air, crisp nights, and breath-taking red sunsets. Autumn is the season that drives creativity among artists but also triggers a chain of unnecessary colds as people are moving at their summer pace and fail to adapt to the new season. 

Everyone knows that the shift from summer to autumn is significant. The human body has trouble recalibrating as fatigue, moodiness, dry redness around the nose, and cracked lips take hold of it. Some individuals thrive on the shift in the season because they enjoy the creative spirit in the air and embrace the warmth of the colors that take over nature. But if you’re like most people, you know that the change in the season requires a strong immune system to keep health issues at bay. Here are some recommendations from wellness experts on transitioning into the cold season and boosting your immune system. 

Eat according to the season

During the cold season, you should shift away from raw foods and light salads (that probably were your favorite during the summer) and put seasonal fruits and vegetables on your plate. Your body better benefits from hearty foods like warm soups, squashes, and roasted root vegetables during fall. Ensure that you have a diet rich in animal proteins (dairy and eggs) and plant proteins (seeds, nuts, lentils, and beans). 

The foods you eat daily should nourish your digestive system. Put peaches, pears, avocados, apples, sweet potatoes, endives, mushrooms, spinach, radishes, watercress, and squash on your shopping list. Fermented foods like kefir, kimchi, and miso can also keep a healthy flora in your digestive system. Research shows that cooking with garlic boosts the immune system and reduces the chances of catching the flu or cold by 61%. During the cold season, you should also lower the amount of flours and refined sugars you use to cook food because they can deplete essential nutrients and undermine your immune system. 

Shift your exercise routine

During summer, you adopted the mindset work hard, play hard, and your body thanked you because it was strong and healthy and could handle all the challenges you put it through in the gym. But during the cold season, you will feel burnt out if you follow the same routine because the low temperatures are harsher on your body’s cycles and functions. However, you shouldn’t give up on exercising because physical activity boosts your immune system, lowers stress levels, and improves heart health. Working out promotes endorphins that boost mental health, enables weight loss, and maintains muscle mass. 

Your daily fitness routine should include mobility exercises, cardiovascular training, and HIIT exercises. Mobility exercises like yoga and Pilates imply moving with the breath because they aim to calm the nervous system and get your mind and body into a state of relaxation and rest. When you practice cardiovascular exercise, focus on breathing in and out through the nose, especially if you do it outside, to warm and moisten the dry air that enters your lungs. HIIT workouts have the role of increasing your heart rate, but if you never practiced similar exercises before, it would be best to hire a professional trainer to create a personalized routine that suits your body condition. 

Get plenty of quality sleep

You live in a world that is always on the run, and you have many things to slee pover, but quality sleep is crucial in maintaining a healthy immune system. Sleep is vital because it regenerates the body cells and fights the pathogens that enter your body. Scientists state that the immune system in people who sleep at least seven hours at night functions better because during sleep, the organs detoxify. 

Take fulvic acid supplements

Fulvic acid supplements, in all forms, provide many health benefits because they maintain the properties of the organic substance. Fulvic acid is essential in restoring the optimal functions and balance of your body. Fulvic trace minerals contain a high number of minerals, vitamins, probiotics, electrolytes, and silica that maintain the immune system strong and functioning and a healthy bioactive digestive system. Fulvic acid supplements are easily absorbed into the cells and bond with minerals to regenerate cells and prolong their lifespan. 


Cannabinoids can boost your immune system. After all, they include anti-inflammatory properties because they work as immunomodulators and immunosuppressants. Studies show that CBD oil from hemp can balance the immune system and reduce B cells’ activity and T cells. CBD is also famous for its properties that maintain a healthy anti-inflammatory response in the lungs.

Ongoing stress is connected to a decline in immunity, and CBD can help you alleviate stress and boost relaxation. CBD’s stress-relieving properties are related to its ability to modulate cerebral blood flow in the brain areas responsible for anxiety. Using CBD products regularly can reduce your stress and educate your body in maintaining a relaxed state. 

Keep stagnation at bay

Prevention is the best medicine. You can support your body to maintain a healthy immune system by assuming an active role in the process. You can support your immune system by massaging your skin with a dry brush before taking a bath in the night because it activates your lymphatic system. Use circular strokes starting the massage at the hands and up the hands toward your heart and axillary lymph nodes. Continue the massage on the lower part of the body starting at the feet, up the legs, and toward your torso and groin. Lymphatic draining massage is effective if you brush towards your heart. 

A trip to the steam room or sauna can also prove beneficial for your immune system because it helps you eliminate toxins, boosts relaxation, stimulates circulation, and therefore improves your immune system. Ask your local gym if it also has a sauna or steam room because modern fitness facilities offer complete wellness services. 

Final thoughts

The pressure to maintain your immune system in a top-notch state is higher during the cold season, so you should practice the above healthy habits throughout the year to find it easier to adjust to a new lifestyle. 

William Stash Jones

William "Stash" Jones is a medical marijuana patient and medical cannabis advocate. He focuses on medical cannabis and its benefits, and believes that medical cannabis is the solution to many problems in medicine today.

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