Kaepernick Is Pretty Much Against The Drug War

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(Sept 1, 2016) – Some news you can’t avoid and lately there’s one news story I can’t fucking avoid and that’s the annoying “Kaepernick Scandal”. Lately, all I see is a bunch of people who have never served screaming about the troops, that’s like a fat guy yelling at a treadmill. I wasn’t going to write about it until I had an impromptu survey with two black bouncers and me at Ganja Goddess, off of 1st Avenue in Seattle, it went like this; Hey, what do you guys think about the Kaepernick thing?

Bouncer number 1: “Pshh, a whole lot of nothing. He has a valid point but maybe it was bad timing, simply because it pissed off so many people but I’m not offended by it.”The gentleman speaking also happen to be a veteran like me and bouncer number 2 is a reservist, who was nodding in agreement as was I. What Kaepernick has done was manage to provoke a conversation and perhaps that’s the bigger picture here.

I laugh at people taking offense to a man sitting down during the national anthem or even scream that Obama didn’t put his hand over his heart  and that makes them unpatriotic because obviously you never been on a base during colors or on a ship, enlisted and Officer alike will scramble for cover, just to not stop and salute towards a flag for the duration of a song. Why is that? Are they commies? or do they believe that the blue line is bad?

Kaepernick has created a conversation, one that needs to be talked about. Our system has been corrupt for a long time, what he forgets to mention when talking about injustice and government is that the drug war is part of that equation. We live in a world where right and wrong, good and bad are hard to tell, in part because we have been and are currently lied to as Americans on a daily basis. The FDA and DEA are truly not here for your protection but for some fucked up bastardized revenue, the business of jail; protection should be scientific with moral proof, not job justification.

Me and the guys also talked about how the black lives matter message has deviated from what it was. In the beginning it was a powerful hashtag but now its just another soundbite for the greedy political activist selling t-shirts because if black lives mattered to you, you’d be in Louisiana or even Chicago, not the suburb part either but the ghettos where people are mad and struggling, dying over bullshit with no protection. I had a friend in Navy that was a third generation Vice Lord, the problem is old and systemic which is in part shaped by the drug war and more poignantly the war on weed, there is nothing gangster about marijuana but the law itself.

Ending marijuana prohibition won’t cure all cancer right away but it will give cops one less reason to question my appearance or agenda. People profit over misery in many ways and by ending marijuana prohibition, we can right so many wrongs in a blink of an eye, most people won’t even know what happened but the ones that have, will and do.

Kaepernick has exposed our American secular thinking that we can’t afford no more. Keeping people divided is a key to perverse marketing, there’s the black and white market, easy money, Americana 1950. America’s thinking was easy to appease back then, Anglo-Saxons were afraid of the Russians while everyone else it feared the police, who were white; but now in the year of our lord 2016 both white and black have the same common enemy, police and taxes.

We’re not perfect yet but Kaepernick has a point, we’re not there yet while people make excuses while people are shot at, put in jail, have their children taken away, lose their homes and livelihoods for a plant that is now legal for recreational use in four states and our Nation’s Capitol, for something that has been approved medicinally in  25 states with more pending this election year, marijuana is medicine. The racial disparity of arrests and deaths to both innocent black, white, brown, and yellow lives is directly related to the drug war and this is the greater conversation Kaepernick has added to.

We all don’t see the same America and that’s perhaps why the people of Fox news and Trump supporters don’t like what Kaepernick is pointing out, equality is still not here, not while people are dying and children are having guns pointed at them because they look like grown men. I love my country, I just don’t trust my government and you’re allowed to say these things and still be a patriot. Kaepernick has done a lot for racial disparity awareness by simply sitting down and for that I give him a standing ovation.

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