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Just a month ago Alaska made history by becoming the fourth state to legalize recreational use of marijuana by adults 21-and-older in age. By mid-February, ballot measure 2 – the initiative to legalize marijuana – will become law, and Alaskan’s will be allowed to transport and/or possess one ounce of marijuana.

The marijuana industry is coming together quickly in Alaska. Excited entrepreneurs are moving quickly too.

Since Nov. 4 – election day – 15 business licenses have been issued that contained the words cannabis or marijuana in their business name, which is double from the 15 licenses that were registered prior to November 4. Keep in mind, this does not include the businesses with the words “weed” or “pot,” in their name, which are difficult to filter through because of Fireweed Lane in Anchorage, and “pot” being in words like “pottery” and “spot,” etc.

This count also does not include businesses that are in the cannabis industry but do not have the word “cannabis” or “marijuana” in their business name. An example of this would be High North Organic. This business operates in the cannabis industry, but does not have “cannabis” or “marijuana” in their corporation name or business name.

The reason I’m writing about cannabis business license activity today is because it is a good leading indicator as to what is happening in the cannabis industry. A 100% increase in licensing activity shows you there is a lot going on. It tells us prudent entrepreneurs are already setting up their businesses, which is step-one if you are serious about operating in the cannabis industry. You have to have a business license like any other legitimate business.

We can also see where entrepreneurs think the best markets to open up cannabis businesses are within the state. The majority of these businesses are located in Anchorage, with Fairbanks and Juneau getting their fair share. However, some of these businesses are located in Girdwood, Douglas, and even one in the North Pole. The other locations are as expected – Wasilla, Palmer, Soldotna, etc.

The main point I am trying to get across is that entrepreneurs are moving quickly to secure their business names and brands. A 100% increase in business licensing activity in the last two-weeks, and it’s coming from every part of the state.

If you want to own and operate a business in the cannabis industry, you have to act now. As James Lathrop – owner of Cannabis City, Washington State’s first LICENSED recreational marijuana dispensary, and Alaska Cannabis Institute lecturer – says… “you can only be first forever.”

If you want to get your business license but do not know how to or you want to get started in the cannabis industry but do not know where to begin, check out our website at We have a ton of great resources to help you get started.

If you have any additional question, call the Alaska Cannabis Institute at 907-331-0506 and ask for Cory.

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