Keif Infused Oil


Keif Infused Oil


By Keith

This is a simple recipe for keif infused oil that I use in many of my recipes.


  • 20 grams (approx.) Keif
  • 1 1/2 cups oil (you can use vegetable, olive, canola, etc.)



In a small sauce pan combine oil and keif. Mix well to combine. Heat slowly on the stove top for about half an hour to decarb.

You Must stir frequently (every 5 minutes or so) for the keif settles and we don’t want to burn it. Make sure your temperature stays at 200°F (give or take a few degrees).

Cool completely before using in recipe.


Note: To calculate mg THC per serving:

First, find out how many grams of THC is in recipe…

20 grams of keif

x 0.23 %THC in your keif (our’s is 23%)

= 4.60 grams total THC per 20 grams keif

Now to convert grams into milligrams…(1000 mg/g)

4.60 grams total THC

x .001 conversion factor (1000 mg/g)

= 4600 mg per batch

Now to find the milligrams of THC per serving…(divide mg per batch by number of servings per batch)

4600 mg per batch

/   90 servings per batch

= 51.11 mg THC per serving

Whew! See Easy…Riiight…


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