Klamath County Marijuana Initiative 18-105 Fails

Initiative to lift ban on county cannabis businesses fails badly

By Keith Mansur

Oregon Cannabis Connection

Ilo testifying
Ilo Ferroggiaro testifying to the Klamath County Commissioners. Image: Melissa Ferroggiaro

The initiative in Klamath county to reverse the ban on marijuana businesses has failed. Measure 18-105 was placed on the ballot after getting the required number of signatures this spring, with hopes of overturning the shortsightedness of the Klamath County commissioners after they put a kibosh on marijuana businesses last year.

The unofficial results election night showed a Yes vote of 6,087 and a No vote of 8395, a 42% to 58% trouncing.

Melissa Ferroggiaro, who was a co-petitioner of the measure with her husband Ilo, was disappointed in the results, telling Oregon Cannabis Connection (OCC), “Yet another economic loss for Klamath County.”

Ed Medina, the proprietor of A Better Way Medicinal dispensary in the City of Klamath Falls was pretty upset when we asked about his reaction, exclaiming, “ &#*@%!”.

“Apparently the majority of Klamath county prefers to ‘wait and see’ what happens in the rest of the state?” explained Medina. “Again, Klamath is 10 years behind.”

He explained further about the track record of the County, which is known to be conservative and slow to change.

“I guess they will get to watch as the rest of Oregon prospers as we flounder and fail,” he jabbed. “No big surprise coming from the conservative small minds and narrow-sighted leadership that Klamath is famous for.”

As for  Ferroggiaro and her businesses, which she said would possibly have employed as many as 50 people in the county, “I’m happy to move forward while Klamath continues to move backwards.”

“Why would we want to stay here?” she explained to OCC. “There is no hope left here for us, really, and much better opportunity awaits in many other places.”

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