Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe opens in West Hollywood, CA

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of forms, textures, flavors, and strengths. In most cases, they are more potent than cannabis flowers and are available in vape pens, unlike bud.


In days past, hash was the principal concentrate available on the market. It was made either by dry sifting marijuana plants or rubbing flowers with your hands to collect the resin. The latter form of hash is often referred to as charras and is common in India and Nepal in the Himalayas.

Today, a lot of hash is produced in the US and often using newer technologies. Bubble hash made a big hit on the scene around the turn of the century and is still popular in some circles. Producers use “bubble bags” to extract hashish using water.

Honey Oil

Although it’s in the name, no honey is used to make this form of cannabis concentrate. Instead, butane is used. Marijuana is forcibly mixed with a butane solution and THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, leaves the ganja, and enters the butane. The weed is then removed from the solution which eventually evaporates and leaves behind a form of cannabis that resembles honey and can have upwards of 95%+ THC in it. This process is nowhere near organic and should be avoided if you like to consume chemical and pesticide-free cannabis.


Rosin is a potent form of cannabis that comes in different colors, textures, and flavors. Instead of using butane or some other solvent, rosin makers will utilize heat and pressure to extract the fine cannabis concentrate. For cannabis consumers looking to keep it clean and organic, then rosin is the best choice.

You will find many quality rosin producers out there. They love to keep things clean and organic. Their rosin sauce disposable vape pen comes with a whopping 57% THC content, and it’s all produced without the use of any solvents whatsoever.

When shopping for Rosin, remember that even though the process involves no solvents, rosin may not be organic if the source material (the marijuana) wasn’t. When you buy quality vape pens, you won’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your THC; good manufacturers sell certified organic cannabis.

A Cannabis Cafe Opens

You can find high quality Lowell Farms rosin and other products in 350 stores, and many offer delivery services. If you happen to be in West Hollywood anytime after the 24th of September, then you’ll have the option of consuming your cannabis concentrates at America’s first cannabis restaurant … Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe

On that special date, Lowell Farms will welcome the public into a cannabis lounge/restaurant run by chef Andrea Drummer. Initially, Lowell Farms ran into some difficulties with their cafe dreams. You see, California law prevents cannabis retailers from selling food. To get around this, they decided to become two entities: one that serves food and the other that hosts cannabis consumers in a lounge-type setting.

The plan worked, and everything is full steam ahead. Customers will have the opportunity to consume cannabis and eating under the same roof.

Keep in mind when you get there that no cannabis consumption is allowed in the kitchen and dining area. Fortunately, there are two lounges dedicated to cannabis. One of them is outside in a garden setting and consists of 1800 square feet of hangout space. The other is inside and is 2500 square feet of lounge heaven. You can smoke, vape, eat, and roll cannabis anywhere in the lounges!


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