Marijuana Drug Test for Dummies: Beginner’s Guide to Passing

Getting lit on occasion shouldn’t mean getting fired. Learn all the best ways on how to pass urine drug tests with this simple beginners guide.

Just about anyone who has ever faced a randomized drug test will tell you there are a million different ways to “drug test cleanse”. While there definitely exist a few tried and true methods of passing drug test, some of the advice you can find isn’t just hilariously wrong, but can also be pretty dangerous for your health. Or worse, won’t actually help you pass a test at all.

How to Pass a Urine Test Naturally

For starters, stop smoking as far in advance of your test that you can. Stock up on home urine test kits. Having them on hand is a great way to reassure yourself that you on the right track with your detox. Also find an online THC calculator to be able to more closely estimate the time it will take to clear your system of weed. Natural urine drug test beaters are generally most effective if you’ve got at least a week to spare before you take your exams. During this time, make sure to abstain from Mary Jane until you come out clear.

Lemon Water

Lemon water is just plain refreshing, but it can also help encourage you to drink more water throughout the day. It’s important to hydrate as much as you can before a test. The more time you have to flush your system, the better. Drinking a ton of water before a test can actually do more harm than good. Urine that is too dilute is often rejected from testing sites. Also, if you drink too much water, while not eating or adding anything- it can literally kill you. Looking to dilute your system too quickly can cause hyponatremia. Look it up.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is great for detoxing and some studies suggest it’s even really great for your urinary system. But, word to the wise- only pure cranberry juice will work. 100% cranberry juice can be a bit difficult to find and even harder to drink. It’s highly acidic and not exactly tasty. Make sure that while you’re cleansing, you stay away from just about any sugar laden drink, as it can cause the THC to hang around longer.

B Vitamin Complex

B Vitamins have been shown to boost metabolism, which helps motivate your body to get rid of the fat that THC is clinging to. This being said, loading up on just niacin or B12 right before a test won’t do you much good. Take a full B vitamin complex as soon as you start detoxing and leave them out the day of your test for best results.


Coffee, tea, even (zero sugar/zero calorie) energy drinks can be your saving grace for a natural drug testing pass. These drinks generally all contain caffeine, which works as a diuretic. Which means they make you pee, a lot. You’ll want to pee as much as possible, as often as possible, for as long as possible, before going in for your urine drug test. This helps to flush the system. However, leaning on diuretics alone can serve to dehydrate you and slow your metabolism, so make sure to alternate between diuretics and good ol’ H2O.

How to Drug Test Cleanse Long Term

They say the best medicine is prevention, and we couldn’t agree more. No, we’re not telling you to put down the pipe forever, but there are ways to prime your body so that you’ll be able to flush your system naturally in a shorter period of time.

Marijuana, specifically THC, is a fat soluble drug. This means that the THC that urine tests are looking for clings to fat cells. The best way to prevent build up in the body of useless THC metabolites is to stay fit. Being a healthy weight and having decent muscle mass are two great ways to keep bud juice from sticking around in your body.


Exercising daily is the best way to achieve these highly sought after results. Strength training combined with Cardiorespiratory workouts will build muscle and improve your metabolism. They can also serve to improve lung and heart function which helps your body remove metabolites faster.


Eating healthily is another great way to stave off those unwanted THC markers. A diet that is high in fiber, and low in fats, sugars, and carbohydrates isn’t just great for your health, it can also help you pass a urine drug test with ease.


Staying routinely hydrated is super important for all bodily functions, but even more so for a healthy metabolism. Staying away from sugary drinks and alcohol is a great way to drop lbs and THC levels. Drinking unflavored water is the best way to start hydrated naturally.

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