Marijuana In Oregon by Topic: December 24 Infographic

With the end of early recreational sales in Oregon on December 31st, it’s appropriate to have a contact flow chart graphic for questions regarding cannabis in Oregon. We have three agencies in charge, which makes for a lot of confusion.

Is it an effective medicine? Is it a recreational intoxicant? Is it an industrial product?

Truth is, it’s all three.

Oregon has treated it that way, and run into a lot of ignorance in the agencies in charge. From OLCC to OHA and the Dept. of Ag, they all know very little about the plant and are making rules that are not tenable because of it. We have been forced to educate them along the way, and the legislators, but many still resist and treat the plant and the industry with distrust and,in some cases, bigotry.

In the mean time, use this graphic from the state as a reference chart for who to call, if you have any questions regarding Oregon’s cannabis.

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Marijuana in Oregon by Topic

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