Marijuana Regulations & Laws in Oregon

Each state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to marijuana. What are the rules when it comes to marijuana in Oregon? In this guide, we explore the legal implications of marijuana in the state of Oregon, including whether or not it is legal for your own recreational consumption or whether it is just a medical product that requires you to have a medical marijuana card.

Is marijuana legal in Oregon?

Yes, marijuana is legal in Oregon. Adults over the age of 21 are allowed to possess cannabis and they’re also allowed to use weed even for their own recreational use. The state was quite an early adopter for changing cannabis laws. Medical use of cannabis has been legal since the 90s.

In 2014, voters in the Beaver State voted to approve the sale and possession of weed for recreational use.

Though there are no problems with buying and using marijuana in the state, it is important that you read up on the laws, which will tell you about the specifics of the laws. There are limits to how much weed you can carry in a public place, for instance. If you have more, it could be seen as an intent to sell marijuana.

You can legally carry 1 oz of flower or extracts, or 16 oz of edibles. However, it has to come from a cannabis dispensary in Oregon. You can’t make your own extracts, for instance. Handmade concentrates and marijuana products aren’t allowed.

If you have a medical marijuana card under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMPP) then your limits may be higher.

How to purchase cannabis in Oregon

To purchase cannabis in Oregon, you should head to a trusted cannabis dispensary. This means that you can receive advice and get marijuana products that are not only regulated but high-quality, and suitable for you. Cannabis dispensaries can give you guidance on what strains of weed might be good for you. For instance, if you want a mellow high and not to feel drowsy, some types of cannabis might be better than others.

You will need an ID if you are planning to go to a dispensary and buy marijuana in Oregon.

Finding licensed dispensaries in Oregon

Because the cannabis industry in Oregon is legal and regulated, there are plenty of ways in which you can find a trusted and reliable dispensary. Dispensaries don’t have to hide, so they often have websites showing what they can offer. A lot of Oregon dispensaries will be located in big cities and areas like Portland or Salem. You can even check their reviews online and whether they offer services like curbside pickup. All dispensaries must be state-regulated.

Where is it safe to consume cannabis in Oregon?

It is safe and legal to consume cannabis in private, and away from public view. It’s legal to share cannabis as long as all parties are over the age of 21. However, if you consume in public places like parks and sidewalks, you could face a fine of up to $1,000. Legal use does not mean that it is allowed to consume wherever you want.

There are also strict rules about consuming cannabis in a car, even if you are parked in a public car park. Naturally, you cannot consume cannabis when you are driving or in the hours leading up to driving your vehicle, and rules apply to what you can do while under the influence.

The most popular cannabis products in Oregon

What are the most popular cannabis products in the state?

A lot of people who aren’t used to smoking, but want to consume cannabis, turn to vaping as an alternative. This beginners guide to vaping shows how to vape cannabis in either flower or extract form.

Smoking cannabis is still a popular way to consume. If you’re used to rolling and smoking this is a viable option, and you might even be able to get pre-rolls from your local dispensary.

Edibles are also a popular choice, and this means that cannabis enters your system quickly but you do not have to smoke it. Many dispensaries will stock a range of marijuana edibles, or you can create your own using extracts.

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