Most Dangerous Drugs: May 15 Infographic


A 2010 study published in The Lancet found that alcohol is among the most dangerous drugs in the world, and far more dangerous than marijuana. Drug policy experts disagree with the specifics and value of the rankings — for example, whether alcohol is really more dangerous than heroin and crack cocaine. But one finding they don’t disagree with is that, generally, marijuana is much safer than alcohol.

“Anyone interested in alcohol and other drugs, from law enforcement to education and from health improvement to international policy, needs some measure that allows them to understand and communicate relative harms and risks,” Nutt wrote in his 2011 response to critics. “I believe we have provided the best currently available analysis of an extremely complex multifaceted data set.”

Other drugs compared to Marijuana. And people are afraid why? Image:

Most Dangerous Drugs
Marijuana compared to other drugs. Image

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