May 18, 2016 Infographic

With the failure of the measures in Grant and Klamath County on Tuesday, May 17th, we thought it would be appropriate to show folks a map of the state with the JUST THE COUNTIES that are banning, those voting, and those not banning. We compiled this from the OLCC website, and changed Deschutes county to reflect the intent of their County Commissioners to lift the ban they have in place (Though its green on the map, when that will be exactly is yet to be determined). Its a bit of East vs. West, or “New Oregon and Western Idaho”, which is how “Radical” Russ Belville described the divide last year. This was made possible by HB 3400 in 2015, a bill championed by Senator Feriolli, the Republican Leader from Central Oregon. The bill allowed city or county bans only if a minimum 55% margin of defeat in that county, an unprecedented move!

Also, onerous regulations are not reflected, only actual “bans” enacted by Counties are reflected here. For the full list from OLCC that also includes cities that have enacted bans within these counties (like Grants Pass and Oregon City), go here, or visit them at


Oregon_Counties Banning_May_2016 copy

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