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Marijuana License Applications

Marijuana License Application Statistics as of as of 8:00 AM. May 19, 2016

These numbers reflect the number of submitted recreational marijuana license applications. Visit OLCC website for notice.
Applications are organized by county of the proposed premises and include any applications within a municipality within that county.

OLCC applications
OLCC Applications by County as of May 19,2016. Image: OLCC


Applications submitted with invalid or missing county names are listed as (blank).
Submitted” applications include only those applications that have been completed and for which the application fee has been paid.

Summary of Total License Applications

Total Submitted Applications by Type” includes only license types for which applications have been submitted and active.
Application numbers reflect applications saved in the online licensing system as of 8:00 AM, May 19, 2016.

Total Current Applications:
Active: 10
Application Withdrawn: 21
Assigned: 296
Draft: 470
Local Gov. Review: 269
New: 394
Pending License Payment: 2
Ready for Pay: 64
Site Inspection: 3

Grand Total: 1529

Total Submitted Applications by Type:
Laboratory: 6
Recreational Processor: 75
Recreational Producer: 670
Recreational Retailer: 175
Recreational Wholesaler: 47
Research Certificate: 1

Grand Total: 974

OLCC Status Definitions

Draft: Incomplete application that has not been submitted. May remain in Draft for 30 days.
Local Government Review: Land Use currently being reviewed or verified prior to application assignment to an Investigator.
New: Complete application that has been submitted by paying the application fee.
Ready for Pay: Complete application that has not yet been submitted.
Pending License Payment: An application that the commission has approved and is awaiting the license fee payment.
License Fee Paid: An application that has been approved by the commission and has paid their license fee but is still meeting OLCC requirements before licensure.
Assigned: Applications that have been assigned to an investigator.
Site Inspection: Applications that have completed the investigation process and are in the process of having an inspection of the premises by an inspector.
Active: Processed applications that the commission has licensed.

The Status of Applications by Typeincludes license types for which the applications have been submitted and active licenses in the OLCC licensing system.

Status of Applications by Type

OLCC Applications by type
OLCC applications by type as of may 19, 2016. Image: OLCC

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