Medical Benefits of Marijuana: Infographic

By OCC Staff
Oregon Cannabis Connection


Cannabis has medical benefits, that is proven. While the FDA has refused to recognize the medical benefits amid the undeniable mounting evidence from the past 4 decades, those who follow cannabis studies and the science behind medical marijuana, the endocannabinoid system and the many known cannabinoids know that the FDA is causing pain and suffering among millions of people that could benefit from this safe and natural medicine.

The good people at are always creating great infographics. ¬†This one breaks down the known effects of cannabis for many different ailments. They smartly make no “cure” claims in the graphic, but there are studies that show cannabis can kill cancer cells and has been a successful treatment for many types of cancer. Also, there are conditions that only cannabis seems to help, like Glaucoma and Dravet syndrome.

Keith Mansur

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