Medical Marijuana 101: Get to Know Marijuana in Less Than Three Minutes

Marijuana is one of the most beneficial medicinal herbs today. It has been used for centuries and continues to be a useful tool for millions out there. And with its popularity growing over the last few years (there are even cannabis delivery services in some states), there has been a revolution in its consumption modes.

While many are still peculiar about incorporating cannabis in their everyday life, many others are scrolling down for relevant information, which might help them determine whether cannabis is right for them.

To help novice marijuana users, we have curated an article to help you find solutions to your everyday marijuana-related questions.

So, let’s begin now!

How Much Does it Take to Feel The Effects of Cannabis?

One of the most relevant questions for a beginner is how much time it takes for the effects of marijuana to kick in. For a newbie, it might just take a couple of hits for the effects to show. However, there are many factors in play regarding the impact of marijuana in your system. Again, it might differ from person to person. The answer here depends on the form or how you have decided to consume cannabis.

Ideally, smoking is one of the ways that helps with the quick turnaround time. But, other factors might impact the final euphoria.

  • Type of weed strain: The composition of the cannabis strain is one of the most primary factors that decide the final effects. The better the strain’s quality, the faster the effects will kick in, and the longer you can enjoy the high.
  • Consumption mode: Also, a relevant factor is the intake mode. For instance, if you choose to try edibles, the weed effects will take longer to kick in as the cannabis is ingested through the digestive tract. And if you choose vaping, you will feel the effects within a few seconds.
  • Tolerance Level: For a newbie, the effects will kick in simultaneously in case of smoking. But for a person who has built a tolerance level to the herb, the effects will longer to show.

How Long Does it Stay in The System?

Initially, people are awestruck with the multitude of benefits it has to offer. But they don’t move to the next step, worrying about the after-effects of cannabis consumption.

Typically, in the case of smoking weed, the effects can last up to 3-4 hours. Incase of edibles, the effects might stay from 4-12 hours. You must be aware of all these parameters to make an informed decision in case you have to undergo a drug test.

Remember, marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. Not every employment agency allows their employers to use marijuana despite the numerous benefits it offers.


Medical marijuana is helping millions and will continue to do so. But with everything changing around, the product is also evolving with the transforming market dynamics. Having the right information will be bliss for marijuana users, especially if you are new to the world of medical cannabis.

Also, you must be at an qualifying age to use marijuana, either for recreational or medicinal purposes. Don’t miss out on your state’s marijuana laws as well.

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