Mistakes people make when using a dry herb vaporizer

Marijuana smokers are always looking for the best way to get high, which is common knowledge to most users within the community. And now that marijuana is legal in many places, dry herb vaporizers have become a popular choice. You can find them in many types and forms, that can be difficult to make a decision. This popular method of consumption of marijuana is a big challenge for the online shops but a few are up-to date with their offering and explain the characteristics of the devices in a level that can be understood to the first time user. These shops offer popular products with features that allow an incomparable. However, there are some things that you should know regarding dry herb vaporizers and one of them is the fact that there are some mistakes people make when using them. Most people who are new to vaping marijuana find the process a little confusing as it’s completely different from what they are used to. There is a lot of information out there and it can be difficult to know what makes sense and what doesn’t.

If you are one of those people who are new and want to not make the same mistakes, then this is what you should look out for.

Using the wrong temperature

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that rookie users make when they use a dry herb vaporizer for the first time. Temperature is so important when it comes to dry herb vaporizers and one slip-up can ruin a whole tray of quality marijuana. Low temperatures are bad because the buds don’t vaporize enough or equally which leads to uneven effects. High temperatures are also not the best as they can ruin the herb and damage your chamber, which will make it a nightmare to clean, which brings us to our next point.

Not cleaning the device

The vaporizer should be cleaned after each use to prevent the after scent from lingering into your next vape session and to also extend the life of your vape session. If you don’t clean your dry herb vaporizer, you open the door to a plethora of problems to come your way, such as faulty chambers, faulty heating systems, and foul after tastes during a quick vape session. If you care about making your vaporizer last, make an effort to clean your device regularly. It’s not too difficult and often the products that are necessary for cleaning are given to you in the box. Depending on your dry herb vaporizer, you may spot a small brush to sweep out the chamber from excess herbs after a vape. For deep cleaning, use an alcohol cleaner to deeply clean the chamber and around it.

Not packing the chamber properly

If you pack too much marijuana in a conduction vaporizer, it can cause the chamber to clog at worst or vape inefficiently at best. If it clogs the chamber, it will be very hard for you to use another batch of herbs as the vaporizer is now jacked up, so try to avoid packing too much of the herb into the chamber. It’s understandable that you may want to pack a lot of herb into the chamber because you think it will give you a deeper hit, but that’s the biggest mistake you can make. What will happen when you pack it too tightly is that the chamber will fill up and as you heat the chamber, only certain parts of the herb will heat up leaving the others unattended. Thus, you are wasting money and quality marijuana in the process.

Using old herb

You cannot use old herbs as dry herb vaporizers were designed for fresh herbs, not dry herbs. The reason behind this is that mainly the taste is affected when you use dry herbs and the potency of the vape and the marijuana itself is lost when it’s dry. With dry herbs, terpenes are lost which means the hits you get from old herbs will be weak and not worth the vape session. If you’re looking for a quality vape session, make sure to only use fresh herbs.

Don’t inhale like a DTL

This is a big one. One thing about dry herb vaporizer, which is a rookie mistake made by a lot of newbies, is that many people assume that you should inhale directly to your lungs, but that is not the case. This will result in you wasting marijuana and also you will cough repeatedly, thus negatively affecting the entire experience for you. You should only draw light lightly from the tip or even inhale from a small distance depending on the particular type of dry herb vaporizer you are using.

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