Montana Medical System Under Major Threat

Montana needs our help! Lets get them a few dollars to help save their medical system!

By OCC Staff

Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) explained it well, writing April 27th on, “the Montana Supreme Court issued its final ruling in a five-year legal battle over the state legislature’s evisceration of the state’s voter-enacted medical marijuana law. Unfortunately, nearly all of the revised law was upheld, which means Montana’s system of access to medical cannabis will be gutted.”

What it means is that providers may serve only three patients and will be subject to warrantless searches by law enforcement. Doctors who recommend more than 25 patients in a year will be investigated and audited by state officials. The limitations actually mean a maximum of about 10,000 patients in the state can be served by the system, no more.

Though the ruling has been delayed, the threat still remains. This post is still very relevant from MTCIA!

From Chris at Montana Cannabis Industry Association:

It probably won’t be long. Soon, the letters will come from DPHHS telling providers to start scaling down, to choose their two or three patients (depending on whether the provider also provides for him/herself), and get ready for the statute (SB 423) to go into effect August 31.  This is what the Montana Supreme Court has ruled must happen.

Our understanding is that a follow-up letter will be sent later to those who do not respond. Patients without providers will not lose their cards immediately and may have another 30 days following the Aug. 31 deadline. However, watch the mail. Plans do change.

So, here we are again at the verge of collapse of medical marijuana access in Montana. We’ve had so many close calls. We’ve fought back so many attacks. Can we do it again?

We don’t know.

Fortunately, we are working to get I-182 on the November ballot. If it passes (and it will!), it will re-establish medical marijuana access in Montana under an accountable and responsible system.

But even if we are successful in getting our initiative on the ballot and succeed in November, we’re still looking at a gap in access.

The MTCIA has filed a brief with the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to appeal the Montana Supreme Court decision. SCOTUS recesses at the end of June. If the case is not dismissed, if it is accepted or not acted upon, the MTCIA will immediately file for a stay on the Montana Supreme Court’s decision pending SCOTUS review. Maybe – maybe – we can protect the continuum of access one more time on our way to a new law.

You can help.


None of this happens for free and cannot happen without support. Ongoing work is not guaranteed.  It depends on you.

Please donate today.

Contributions can be sent to : MTCIA, PO Box 50074, Billings, MT 59105, or contact us to arrange for a donation.

To help with our effort to pass a new, accountable and responsible medical marijuana law in November you can donate directly to the Yes on I-182 campaign here.

Keith Mansur

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