MSNBC Provides Platform To Reefer Madness DEA Fool

MTP Daily airs segment on marijuana initiatives and provides a platform for a former DEA agent’s unfettered lies and ignorance

By Keith Mansur

Oregon Cannabis Connection


Nov 3, 2016 — Just a week before the November 8th election, which is the most significant day for marijuana reform since 2012, MSNBC’s show MTP Daily discussed the momentous election and the 9 initiatives with a single guest – a reefer madness infected former DEA agent with no counterpoint from cannabis advocates or those supportive of medical and recreational marijuana.

The daily show, which is named after the once venerable Sunday Morning news show Meet The Press, is hosted by Chuck Todd who also hosts the Sunday morning show. On the November 1st show Todd provided a platform for a former DEA agent to spout reefer madness propaganda without any proper counter argument to dispel the lies and deceit that spewed from the mouth of a basically pitiful, obviously resentful, and extremely ignorant man.

Todd Asked a basic question on reconciling state and federal laws, due to the federal Controlled Substances Act, to which Gregory D. Lee, retired DEA agent responded, “Despite what any state does regarding marijuana possession and use, recreational or otherwise, it’s still against federal law.”

He explains it would violate long standing treaties with foreign nations, and later comments on the lack of proof their is any medical value. After being somewhat surprised by the foolish answers to his softball questions, Todd still did nothing to dispute the ridiculous statements he made.

Eventually, retired agent Lee explains the problems he foresees with a new administration that is not as understanding as the Obama administration has been, warning, “If that should go away then, they are all again subject to being indicted and arrested for marijuana.”

Shame on Chuck Todd. He really could learn a thing or two about the subject, and could be a better reporter than that. I have not been a fan of Meet The Press for many years, and especially fell out of favor when David Gregory was host – a worse host than Todd by far.

Watch the full interview here.

Keith Mansur

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  • 11/05/2016 at 6:11 am

    That was a truly propagandized pos interview.
    The man is a Prohibitionist parasite.

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