NBA Veteran Cliff Robinson: Let NFL Players Make The Safer Choice

By Johnny Green


I have not always been an NFL fan. Growing up I was a raging Seattle Seahawks fan, having (for better or worse) once had the infamous Brian Bozworth haircut. I had the ‘Wizard of Boz’ poster and would go to games at the Kingdome with my dad. That all changed when Brian Bozworth got ran over by Bo Jackson. The mullet got cut the same day, the poster went off the wall, and I went into exile as an NFL fan.

Since that time I have slowly come back to the game as a fan, having come to terms with the traumatic experience of my youth. I experimented with being a Bengals fan the last handful of years, but they are a team that I can’t respect, so the search for a new ‘favorite team’ continues. One thing that I am a VERY big fan of is cannabis reform, and from that perspective, the NFL has become very interesting.

Efforts have ramped up in recent years to try to convince the NFL to update its harmful, outdated cannabis policy which doesn’t even allow players with valid medical needs to consume cannabis. The NFL’s current policy has a THC metabolite threshold of 35 ng/mL. If a player has more than that in their system they get penalized, no exceptions. It doesn’t matter if the use was to treat a severe case of Crohn’s disease as will Seantrel Henderson who was suspended for 10 games after failing a drug test for cannabis. It doesn’t even matter if the player was consuming cannabis in a completely legal state.

A recent poll asked 151 NFL players a series of questions, including whether or not the NFL should defer to a players’ primary physicians on whether or not to recommend the use of medical cannabis. Results from the poll showed that an overwhelming 86.75% of NFL players support such an idea. Those results are similar to poll results found outside of NFL stadiums. 18 year NBA veteran, and passionate cannabis reform activist, Cliff Robinson had the following to say about the poll results:

“With medical cannabis being legal in so many states, and so many studies showing that cannabis works, why is the NFL still prohibiting its players from using it for medical purposes? Cannabis is safer than opioid painkillers, which the NFL widely embraces, so why not let NFL players make the safer choice?” said Uncle Cliffy President Cliff Robinson.

Fans obviously support letting grown adults in legal states consume cannabis for medical purposes. A number of studies have shown that cannabis can help treat all types of ailments. Cannabis is 114 times safer than alcohol, which is obviously something that the NFL embraces. As Uncle Cliffy has been pointing out, where is the compassion for players? Why does the NFL let personal political opinions determine the NFL’s cannabis policy instead of science?

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