Nevada Bill To Allow Early Rec Marijuana Sales Faces Veto

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Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom introduced Senate Bill 302, a bill that would allow immediate sales of recreational marijuana by existing medical dispensaries, on March 17. If passed, the bill would go into effect immediately as the state Department of Taxation drafts regulations for the industry.

Unfortunately, the bill would appear to be DOA if it were to make its way through the legislature. Its likely to be vetoed by Governor Brian Sandoval.

According to a statement by the governor’s spokesperson Mari St. Martin, “The Governor does not support the sale of legal recreational marijuana to the public until after the Department of Taxation has thoroughly reviewed the issues associated with such sales and he is satisfied that they have been properly vetted by law enforcement and other interested parties.”

Sandoval understands the advantages that early sales would bring and has already begun exploring the possibilities. On March 3rd, Sandoval named a task force to begin the process of developing new rules for the industry and aiming for early sales is part of their agenda. But, his approach is more cautious.

“Last November, voters passed Question 2, which legalized recreational use of marijuana. I have asked stakeholders, law enforcement officials, top regulators, and legislators to work together to ensure Nevada fulfills the requirements of the measure without compromising the state’s commitment to public safety,” Sandoval commented when the task force was appointed.

The bill would allow dispensaries to drop the medical marijuana card requirement and sell to all adults over 21 years of age.

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