Nevada Senator to be First Recreational Sale in Nevada

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Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom is planning to be the first Nevada purchaser of recreational cannabis on July 1st. Segerblom was one of the sponsors of the legislation that makes Nevada the one of the new recreational marijuana states in America with Massachusetts, Maine, California and Nevada passing measures this past November joining Washington and Colorado who legalized in 2012 and Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. in 2014.

He will be visiting Reef Dispensaries on Western Avenue at 12:00 am to make the historic purchase.

“I believe it’s very iconic to have him as the first client. He helped lead this bill,” Matt Morgan, CEO of Tryke Companies/Reef Dispensaries, told KTNV. “He helped push through the whole medical marijuana program through for Nevada. I don’t think we’d be where we are today at without him. So I’m more than happy to have him as our first recreational customer.”

With the July 4th holiday just a few days away, the dispensary expects to be busy, and they have planned fireworks for Friday nights historic occasion. They expect large crowds, and Las Vegas is usually crowded for the holiday each year.

Fortunately for medical cannabis users, many dispensaries will have windows set up specifically for them, so they are not inconvenienced by the long lines they are expecting. Other states, such as Washington and Oregon, have had problems with access for many medical cannabis patients due to a variety of reasons. Colorado experience massive crowds when they became the first nation to start retail sales, but that is not expected to happen in Nevada to the same degree.

The state also had a current lawsuit threaten to delay the scheduled start date. In May, the Alcohol Distributors of Nevada filed the lawsuit which challenged the issuance of licenses. The association argued the language of the measure gave the right exclusively to alcohol distributors for the first 18 months of sales. A temporary solution to allow current supplies on the shelves only was struck while the state grapples with the distributors complaint.

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