New Marijuana Strains – Everything You Need to Know About Their Potential

The new marijuana strains are here, and they have a lot of unexplored potential if you haven’t had chance to try them yet. They are perfect for growing at home for personal consumption, they have new benefits over other strains and the Mimosa strain, which is not to be missed in this new catalogue of options, stands out from the ones on offer.

The Mimosa strain

Looking for a very tasty marijuana with all the potential, the breeders at Royal Queen Seeds crossed Mimosa Auto with the resinous Orangeade, and Mimosa Automatic was born. This new strain has 65% sativa, 30% indica and 5% ruderalis genetics, an excellent mix that promises to be the new favourite of many growers.

It has a delicious flavour, with hints of citrus, and it’s really easy to cultivate, as it is able to grow successfully in very small spaces. It is well suited if you want to begin the growing at home experience.

Watermelon Automatic

Watermelon Automatic is a fast-growing strain that develops a dense canopy and delicious buds in a matter of weeks. It grows very easily in any environment and thrives favourably in both indoor and outdoor climates. This new strain can be perfect for beginners in cultivation, as it doesn’t need too much care.

Sherbet Queen Automatic

Sherbet Queen Automatic has it all, it’s capable of producing large harvests of very relaxing indica flowers after a short growing cycle. Results can be achieved in only 8-9 weeks of cultivation. This new marijuana strain takes up very little space to be grown at home comfortably, produces satisfying harvests and has a really pleasant instant effect. It has a genetic profile of 65% indica, 30% sativa and 5% ruderalis.

Purple Punch Automatic

This is Royal Queen Seeds’ autoflowering version of the popular Purple Punch. You can enjoy delicious, sweet flavours and it is potent enough to produce a very relaxing effect. It is another strain that is cultivated in a very short time, which is amazing. It’s the ideal choice for insomniacs or for those people who need to relax and can’t find a good solution. Its sweet flavours are reminiscent of fruits of the forest and grapes, with acidic and fresh notes.

Do-Si-Dos Automatic

Do-Si-Dos Automatic offers everything most growers are looking for. It provides a fast life cycle, with impressive harvests in a matter of weeks. It offers a delicious sweet and earthy flavour and is suitable for experienced growers or for those who are still starting out because it is easy to grow. After several generations of stabilisation, Do-Si-dos Automatic has emerged as an indica-dominant strain with 35% indica, 60% sativa and 5% ruderalis genes.

Now you know what the new marijuana strains are, so you can keep up to date with everything that is going on in the sector.

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