No Marijuana Allowed in Alcohol Products in Oregon

By Habit 420
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The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) released a memo regarding the adulteration of alcoholic beverages with THC. The memo disallows THC infusion in beverages but does allow Industrial hemp products, which by definition are low in THC, to be included in Oregon alcoholic drinks.
“Marijuana-infused alcoholic beverages are prohibited in Oregon,” reads the memorandum. “The OLCC may refuse to sell, or may prohibit any licensee from selling, any brand of alcoholic liquor which in its judgment contains adulterated ingredients.”

Marijuana infused products are adulterated, therefore not allowed. But, the memo also includes an exception for “Hemp” infused products.

The colorful memo explains that a formula was developed by the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (or TTB). They require a minimum standard to be met which includes:

♦ Finished product cannot contain a controlled substance.

♦ Hemp components must be tested in the U.S. for controlled substances each time it is imported and results must be maintained on the premises for inspections.

♦ A detailed description of the method of analysis used by the U.S. lab to test for controlled substance must be maintained at the premises.

Eventually there may be an allowance for fully medicated drinks, especially with a low level of THC, but I would not hold my breath. The fear of combining the two is pervasive in regulatory circles, even though there are “public clubs” in Colorado serving beer and marijuana in the same location. Go figure.

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