ODA: Mighty Wash® and Mega Wash® Contain Pyrethrins!

ODA: Mighty Wash and Mega Wash Plant Washes Contain Pyrethrins!


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More products have been identified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) as mislabeled. The ODA has advised retailers discontinue all sales and growers are advised not to use them on any crops.

Mega Wash® by Green Plant Nutrients has been tested by ODA and found to contain pyrethrins, a product not listed on the label. Mega Wash is sold as a natural “plant wash”, requiring no pesticide designation. Also, the very popular Mighty Wash® and Ultimate Wash® by NPK Industries was found to contain pyrethrins, which was not listed on the label.

Mega Wash Pyrethrin Warning From ODA

Although pyrethrins are listed as an acceptable pesticide for use on cannabis, any product sold for agricultural use in Oregon must be properly labeled, and if applied improperly, the pyrethrin could be at unacceptable levels. Obviously, if you don’t know that pyrethrins are in the product, you can easily misapply it.

Products containing any pesticides, even accepted ones, must be reviewed. Dale Mitchell, the ODA Pesticide Program Manager, told OCC, “It needs to go through the review process from a State or Federal level to seek registration as a pesticide product.”

“Products on the acceptable pesticide list have been reviewed and identified from a standpoint of being able to be used without creating any concerns of adverse health effects or environmental harm or damage,” Mitchell explained. “This situation is dealing with manufacture and distribution, and a consumer not knowing the product they are using contains pesticide active ingredients that could, if a producer used it on their crop, could loose certification, they could fail testing…”

When it comes right down to it, if you use this product at the wrong time, you could ruin an entire crop!

The ODA Green Planet advisory:


Pesticide Advisory

Alert – Green Planet Nutrients Mega Wash contains


June 14, 2016

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has reason to believe the product,

Mega Wash, manufactured by Freq Water, Inc. for H.I.T. Manufacturing, contains

a pesticide active ingredient not listed on the label. ODA has tested Mega Wash

and found it to contain the active ingredient pyrethrins.

Use of Mega Wash could cause cannabis to fail Oregon Health Authority (OHA)

pesticide testing requirements. Growers of all crops and retailers are advised to

discontinue using or selling Mega Wash until further notice.

For additional information or questions, please contact ODA at

(503) 986-4635 or email pestx@oda.state.or.us


ODA Mega Wash Advisory



ODA Mighty Wash Advisory





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