OHA Consolidates Testing Rules And “Destruction” Provisions Online

By Habit 420

Oregon Cannabis Connection


October 18, 2016 – The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has provided a simplified version of the cannabis testing rules all consolidated into a single quick reference guide online for businesses and consumers to reference. You can view the web page here.

The guidelines point out the many rules now being applied to the Oregon cannabis testing, including the changed deadlines, the retail vs. OHA dispensary differences, and also in depth diagram of when they will destroy crops that fail testing, and remedies to full destruction, if there are any. That, among other major changes, is a significant one.

Before now, cannabis that was tested was simply returned to the grower. The contaminated cannabis would likely then be sent to another lab for another try at testing, and sometimes labs that were not up to the standards that are now applied by labs since accreditation is now required. Now a qualified lab will test and retest the products, and create a better screening process to “weed out” the bad products.

What does all this mean? Most significantly, if high pesticide levels are the reason for failure there is little recourse, and the product will be destroyed. That may shock a lot of growers, but if you are doing it right, you should have no problems. Watch what you put on your plants! Remember, there have been numerous recalls of supposedly pesticide free products by Oregon Dept. of Ag already.

Visit the OHA web page:


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