Orgon Health Authority Releases Medical Marijuana Reporting Program PDF Training Guide

OCC Staff

The Oregon Health Authority added to their website a PDF guide for those interested in becoming licensed medical marijuana producers under the OHA medical marijuana program, one of three Oregon agencies monitoring the growing and processing of cannabis in the state.

With the Oregon Liquor Control Commission in charge of recreational, or adult use marijuana, and the Oregon Department of Agriculture in charge of Hemp production (most of which will likely be grown for medicine to be sold at recreational OLCC dispensaries in Oregon this year), OHA is left to deal with the massive numbers of already existing and established growers, a task they have never dealt with in the past.

Reporting will be required, so OHA developed this online system for growers and processors to report their activities. Training scheduled for area towns are also happening this week and next, see our post on that here.

OMMP Reporting Training PDF. (Click here).

OCC Staff

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