Updated OLCC Guidebook for Rec Marijuana Available Online.

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Oregon Liquor Control Commission has updated their “Business Readiness Guidebook” for recreational marijuana operations.

The guidebook should be the first place a person goes if they have questions about operating a recreational marijuana business in the state of Oregon. The medical marijuana program and medical dispensaries are administered by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).

Topics in the book include starting your business, safety requirements, operating requirements, taxes, food safety, pesticide use, license types and more.

From the guide:

“This document is intended for establishing OLCC licensed recreational marijuana businesses. Businesses that follow the guidance in this book will be better prepared to establish legal operations in Oregon and comply with state and local laws. This guidebook provides information outside of the OLCC rules and regulations for licensed facilities. Please visit www.marijuana.oregon.gov for a copy of those rules.”

Download guidebook here.


License Types OLCC Guidebook
License types covered by the guide. Image: OLCC guidebook page 6

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