OLCC Regulators Deny One Marijuana License and Severely Fine Another for Major Violations

Earth People’s Garden, LLC was denied a license for providing false information and Self Made Cannabis Company received three stipulated settlements for nine violations with fines totaling over $17,000.

During the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) monthly meeting on March 21st they issued a number of fines and denied one company a marijuana producer license.

In one case, which had been appealed, the OLCC determined that Earth People’s Garden, LLC, violated the rules when their managing member Steven Shirley had another person take the knowledge tests required to become a licensed producer but represented that he, himself, had taken them.

In the other major judgement the OLCC issued three settlements for a total of nine violations against Self Made Cannabis Company. The violations impose either a total of 105 days of license suspension or fines totaling over $17,000. The combined total of the fines are one of the largest settlements imposed by the OLCC since regulation began in Oregon.

They released the information in a memo:

March 22, 2019

OLCC Denies Contested Marijuana Producer License

Commission Upholds Administrative Law Judge Finding

Also Approves Producer, Wholesaler Stipulated Settlements

Portland, OR – At its monthly meeting on March 21, 2019 the Commissioners of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission accepted the findings of a State of Oregon Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and denied the application for a producer marijuana license by Earth People’s Garden, LLC. All five of the attending commission members voted in favor of issuing a final order upholding the license denial.

An agency investigation determined that Steven Shirley, the managing member of the Earth People’s Garden provided false information to the Commission. Shirley was required to take tests to obtain a Marijuana Worker Permit, and a test to show his proficiency with Metrc, the state’s Cannabis Tracking System. Instead the investigation found, and the ALJ agreed, that another person took those tests, even though Shirley represented that he had been the test taker.

Shirley contested the recommendation by OLCC staff that his license application be rejected and requested a hearing through the Oregon Office of Administrative Hearings. Administrative hearings, which are closed to the general public, allow individuals and businesses to dispute state agency action against them.

After the Commission’s decision each Commissioner remarked that they made their decision to ensure the integrity of the licensing process and the regulatory system. Commissioners stressed that legitimate cannabis businesses need to adhere to the law and follow OLCC rules.

The Commission’s action reflects how serious it is about public safety in the legal recreational marijuana industry,” said Steven Marks, OLCC Executive Director. “This is another example of the compliance work our agency undertakes every day to make sure that those people who don’t belong in this system aren’t a part of it.”

The Commission also approved the following fines and/or marijuana license suspensions or license surrenders based on stipulated settlements:

Jefferson Packing House – will pay a fine of $825 or serve a five-day recreational marijuana wholesaler license suspension for one violation.

Licensees are Jefferson Packing House, LLC; Nightingale Industries, Inc., Member; Matthew Ochoa, President/Director/Stakeholder.

Self Made Cannabis Company (#B9DE) – will pay a fine of $7,260 or serve a 44-day recreational marijuana producer license suspension for two violations.

Licensees are Self Made Farms, LLC; Steven Self, Member; Catherine Leathers, Member.

Self Made Cannabis Company (#8E65) – will pay a fine of $4,455 or serve a 27-day recreational marijuana producer license suspension for three violations.

Licensees are Self Made Farms, LLC; Steven Self, Member; Catherine Leathers, Member.

Self Made Cannabis Company (#C0E7) – will pay a fine of $5,610 or serve a 34-day recreational marijuana producer license suspension for four violations.

Licensees are Self Made Farms, LLC; Steven Self, Member; Catherine Leathers, Member.

*The locations of OLCC marijuana producer, processor and wholesale licensees are exempt from public disclosure under Oregon law.

A copy of the Stipulated Settlement Agreements for Marijuana Violation Cases can be found on the OLCC website, on the Laws & Rules page under the Final Orders section.



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