OMMP Grower and Patient Rules Changes

December 7, 2017 — So much has changed in the last few months for OMMP patients and their growers that we thought a chart explaining some of these changes might be helpful (see below). From the new “12 plant” rule to tracking in METRC, this chart should help folks sort things out.

The key things to remember are: 1) If you are growing for yourself at your own home, your grow site is limited to 12 plants. And, 2) If you are a couple growing for yourselves at your own home, you can grow six medical plants each but you cannot grow any recreational plants.

Patients are restricted to 24 ounces, even if growing for yourself, but persons growing for others get enhanced possession limits of up to 6/12 pounds per plant depending if you are indoor or outdoor.

OMMP Patients and growers may still transfer to OHA dispensaries and/or processors as long as they continue to exist, and must continue to report these transfers to OHA even if you are only growing for yourself.

Grow sites of 12 plants or less are exempt from reporting into either agency unless, as mentioned above, you are transferring to OHA Dispensaries or Processors. In this case you must still report into OHA.

Grow sites of 12 plants or more must be enrolled and reporting in METRC by July 1, 2018, and must continue to report into OHA until you activate your METRC user account.

Grow sites of 12 plants or more may also transfer up to 20 pounds of medical cannabis into the OLCC market. You can only enter the OLCC market through either an OLCC licensed wholesaler or processor. You may not sell it directly to OLCC retailers.

If you still have questions, post in comments and we will endeavor to answer them.

Good luck. – Anthony Taylor

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Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor is a longtime Oregon marijuana activist and a founder of Compassionate Oregon, one of Oregon's most important medical marijuana patient advocacy groups.

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