New OMMP Transfer Rules Released

The Oregon Health Authority Oregon Medical Marijuana Program released an Information Bulletin May 20th regarding Transfers under the OMMP marijuana program.

They also released a “Transfer Chart” of allowable items under the program (see below). These documents are important for future growers and caregivers to save and review these for your own protection.


INFORMATION BULLETIN 2016-13, May 20, 2016

To:Medical Marijuana Growers, Dispensaries, Processors and Interested Parties

From: Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

Subject: Transfers Allowed and Monthly Reporting Requirements

Transfer Allowed:

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) would like to inform registrants of transfers that are allowed to be made within the medical marijuana system.

A transfer chart found attached to this bulletin outlines the only transfers that may occur between patients, caregivers, growers, processors and dispensaries.

Transfers made outside of the regulations are subject to enforcement actions. Transferring medical marijuana to public or private events is prohibited.

Rules regarding transfers may be found in the following sections:

General requirements for a Person Responsible for a Marijuana Grow Site found in OAR 333-008-0550

Transfer requirements to and from a dispensary found in OAR 333-008-1230 and 333-008-1245

Transfer requirements to and from a medical processor found in OAR 333-008-1760 and 333-008-1770

Monthly Reporting Requirements

New reporting rules that took effect on March 1, 2016 require growers, dispensaries, processors and some patients to report to OMMP information regarding the production and transfer of medical marijuana. OHA rules OAR 333-008-0630, 333-008-1248 and 333-008-1830.

Processors that are listed on the OMMP website as having submitted a complete application will be required to start reporting transfers.

The first online submission is due no later than July 10, 2016, for transfers that occurred during June 2016.

Subsequent reporting is due on a monthly basis, no later than the 10th of each month.

Transfers will be captured in a monthly aggregate format by item type and where the item was transferred. Most growers must create an online account and must report information to OMMP regarding medical marijuana being produced and transferred.

Growers and Patients – IF ANY ONE OF THE BELOW ARE TRUE:

I am named as a grower for a patient;

Growing at a grow site address where there are more than 12 mature plants;

Growing at a grow site address that is not a patient’s residence;

Selling excess usable medical marijuana, seeds or immature plants to OHA medical processors or medical dispensaries;

A patient, growing for myself and transferring excess marijuana to OMMP processors or dispensaries.


For detailed information regarding reporting and for a list of upcoming state-wide presentation on the OMMP online inventory reporting system, visit the new OMMP reporting webpage at:


Pursuant to ORS 475B.400 to 475B.525, OAR 333-008-0720 to OAR 333-008-0740, failure to comply may result in your registration card or certificate being revoked or suspended or civil penalties being imposed against you of up to $500 per day.

Please go to our website for additional information and updates as we will keep updating the site to keep you informed.

Transfer Chart from OMMP:

Transfer Chart Part 1

Transfer Chart Part 2

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