Oregon Bill Removes Testing Information on Recreational Cannabis Labels

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May 11, 2017 — We received an alert from Caleb Hayes (pictured with sign over his head) at Oregonians For Public Safety (OPHS) about changes to the labeling requirements for recreational marijuana in Oregon. The recent SB 1057 was advanced to the Senate where it passed, and now must clear the House. The vote is likely to happen early next week and there is a need to let your representative know that you want full transparency in labeling on your cannabis products. If they are going to cover the products with warnings and require child safe packaging, the least they could do is tell you where you cannabis was tested and the testing lot number.

With a failure rate of over 25% on cannabis concentrates and over 10% of cannabis flower from the medical marijuana market, what kind of exposure can we expect from the recreational market who currently have lower testing standards than medical marijuana for pesticides? At OCC, we think no one should be at greater risk than anyone else for exposure to harmful pesticides.

OPHS Press Release:

Medical Cannabis Tracking Bill Includes Provision Removing Testing Information from Recreational Labels
The controversial bill passed in State Senate yesterday and will be up for vote in the House early next week

Salem, OR: With little debate, the Oregon State Senate yesterday passed a controversial bill (SB 1057) aimed at better tracking medical cannabis, however the bill also included a provision to remove important health and safety related test results from recreational cannabis labels. One of the dissenting Senators claimed that the body was moving too fast with the bill—opening the legislation to possible oversights. Advocacy groups for patients and consumers are highlighting key issues with the legislation in advance of its vote in the House early next week. There criticisms are as follows:

Key policy problems with SB 1057
♦ Removes transparency and important health related test information such as, lab name, lab ID, producer/processor lot ID from recreational cannabis products testing from the labeling requirements on recreational products (pg. 13 line 22)
♦ This identifying information, that would be removed under SB 1057, would be the starting point for investigations of shelf audits and is what would be compared to lab results.

Procedural issues exist with SB 1057
♦ The bill in its current form received no public hearing before being voted out of committee.
♦ The bill has not gone to the Ways & Means Committee even though it calls for millions of tax payer dollars to be diverted from its voter intended areas like education, mental health, and law enforcement
♦ SB 1057 is historically the only bill to have ever been voted out of the Joint Marijuana Committee on a split vote with members of both parties voting against the bill in committee.

Members of Oregonians for Public Health and Safety (OPHS) would have appreciated an opportunity to testify to some of the issues the group has identified with the bill, however no opportunity was given for the public to comment on this version of the bill. The labeling provision of this bill is particularly concerning to members of OPHS when the OHA is in the middle of considering pesticide testing rules that would gut the pesticide testing system as we know it.


About OPHS: Oregonians for Public Health and Safety (OPHS) was founded by three leaders in the Oregon Cannabis industry who noticed a void in the conversation surrounding public health and safety. The founders, three cannabis testing labs, developed the PAC to ensure the voice of health and safety is always heard in important discussions about cannabis in both industry and governmental settings. The PAC’s mission is to protect public health of Oregonians by ensuring the safety of cannabis and cannabis products, with emphasis on policies that support rigorous analytical testing, validated science, and research that promotes public health. Today, supporters of the PAC include a wide variety of members of the cannabis industry.  The PAC’s goal is to see a safe, clean and successful cannabis industry that supports our communities throughout the state.

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