Oregon Dept of Ag Recalls Second Uncle John’s Blend Fertilizer

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March 22, 2017— Another fertilizer has been recalled from shelves for testing positive for pesticides not listed on the label. The product is called Uncle John’s Blend 0-0-2 (w/O.1% Fe), by Cutting Edge Solutions LLC. It is the second product to be recalled in the past few weeks by the company. On February 28th they had a recall on their Uncle John’s Blend 0-0-2 (w/ no Fe). Both contain Salicylic acid.

All products for sale in Oregon intended to be used on plants as fertilizer or pesticide must be approved and registered by the ODA. Cannabis should only have specific products used on them and a pesticide guide-list is provided to help rowers avoid improper use. The page also provides the full list of recalled products.

Pesticide Advisory

Alert – Uncle John’s Blend 0-0-2 (w/ 0.1% Fe), by Cutting Edge Solutions, LLC, contains salicylic acid

March 10, 2017

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has reason to believe the product 0-0-2 Uncle John’s Blend (w/ 0.1% Fe), manufactured by Cutting Edge Solutions, contains a pesticide active ingredient, salicylic acid, not listed on the label. This advisory is based on laboratory testing and confirmation of undeclared pesticide active ingredients.

Growers of all crops and retailers are advised to discontinue using or selling 0-0- 2 Uncle John’s Blend (w/ 0.1% Fe) until further notice. The Department has issued a statewide Stop, Sale or Removal Order and is working with the manufacturer to rectify the situation.

For additional information or questions, please contact ODA at (503) 986-4635, email pestx@oda.state.or.us or visit our website at: www.oregon.gov/ODA/programs/Pesticides/Pages/CannabisPesticides.aspx


Other recalls by ODA:

3/10/17: Uncle John’s Blend 0-0-2 (w/0.1% Fe) by Cutting Edge Solutions contains salicylic acid​
2/28/17: Uncle John’s Blend 0-0-2 (w/no Fe) by Cutting Edge Solutions contains salicylic acid
​2/16/17: C4 Flower Enhancer Bloom Promoter 0.7-3.3 by Bloom Brothers Garden Supply contains salicylic acid
2/16/17: Liquid Karma Plant Enhancer 0.1-0.1-0.5 by American Agritech (Botanicare) contains salicylic acid​
7/20/16: Marco Industries’ (DBA American Agriculture) Vita Grow Thunder Bloom product contains salicylic acid​
7/20/16: Crop Specific Solutions’ OG Rapid Flower + Hardener product contains paclobutrazol
7/20/16: Humboldt Nutrients LLC’s Humboldt Roots product contains naphthaleneacetic acid
7/20/16: Olivia’s Solutions, Inc.’s Olivia’s Cloning Gel product contains indole-3-butyric acid
7/20/16: Plantlife Products’ The Hammer product contains naphthaleneacetic acid
7/20/16: Rambridge Wholesale Supply’s Frost Protection Plus product contains salicylic acid
7/20/16: Technaflora Plant Products, Ltd.’s Root 66 1-1-1 product contains indole-3-butyric acid
7/20/16: Tulsi Enterprises Ltd.’s Optic Foliar AT-AK product containing salicylic acid, Optic Foliar Overgro product     –     containing salicylic acid and 3-indoleacetic acid, and Optic Foliar Switch product containing ethephon​
7/20/16: Van de Uber Marketing and Manufacturing’s Pyyro K 0-3-7 product contains paclobutrazol
6/16/16: NPK Industries’ Mighty Wash and Ultimate Wash contain pyrethrins
6/14/16: Green Planet Nutrients’ Mega Wash contains pyrethrins

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