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LC-0180 | this subsection, may not allow the marijuana producer to be compensated for the marijuana or usable marijuana; (B) May allow the marijuana producer to produce for the registry … >>



LC-0145 | Be It Enacted by the People of the … and renewal of licensure fees for marijuana producers; (c) Require marijuana produced by marijuana producers to be tested in accordance with ORS … >>



Chapter 475B | 475B.080  Issuing marijuana production licenses to marijuana grow sites registered under Oregon Medical Marijuana Act; rules … (License to Sell Marijuana Items at Retail …

Chapter 475B

Chapter 0726 | Be It Enacted by the People … on the premises of the medical marijuana facility at all times when usable marijuana or immature marijuana plants are being transferred as described in …


Chapter 0614 | [(19)(a) “Marijuana products” means products that contain marijuana or marijuana extracts and are intended for human … (20) “Marijuana retailer” means a …

to criminal enterprises, gangs, and cartels; (c) Prevent the diversion of marijuana from this state to other states; (d) Prevent marijuana activity that is legal under state law …
or a person responsible for a marijuana grow site to the medical marijuana facility; or (b) A medical marijuana facility to a registry identification cardholder or …
Chapter 0079

LC-0218 | Act or by ORS chapter 723 to a marijuana processing … holds a license under ORS 475B.070, a marijuana processor that holds a license under ORS 475B.090, a marijuana wholesaler …


LC-0023 | D R A F T SUMMARY Specifies that marijuana retailer may not collect tax from consumer of marijuana item if consumer is registry identification … Be It Enacted by the People of the …


Chapter 4  | SECTION 2. The people of the state of … for possession, delivery or production of marijuana, aiding and abetting another in the possession, delivery or production of marijuana or …


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