Oregon Native American Tribes Approve Plan to Grow and Sell Recreational Cannabis

By The Joint Blog

Members of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs in Oregon have approved a plan to become among the first tribes in the US to cultivate and distribute recreational cannabis.

The plan, which was approved with over 80% of voting tribal members in favor, calls for the building of a 36,000 square foot cultivation center where cannabis will be grown. The cultivation center would supply cannabis retail outlets which would distribute the plant to any adult wanting to purchase it.

Warm Springs officials expect the plan to create at least 80 new jobs, while bringing in over $25 million in new revenue.

“Our main purpose is to create jobs on the reservation and produce revenue for the tribes,” says Don Sampson of the Tribes’ economic development corporation. “We think we will have a model other Tribes will look to as they investigate this business and industry.”

The cultivation center is expected to be open by the summer.

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