Oregon Offers Two ‘Roadshows’ For New Medical Marijuana Grower Tracking Requirements

Deadline for registration and to start tracking is July 1, 2018

Under new rules in Oregon, all Oregon Health Authority (OHA) registered Medical Marijuana Grows that will have more than 12 mature plants will have to utilize the state’s METRC based Cannabis Tracking System (CTS). The effective date for these changes is July 1. By that date, medical grows will have to be registered and have begun entering their data into the CTS which is managed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC).

Update (5/4/2018):

According to Mark Pettinger, spokesperson for the OLCC, “Under new rules in Oregon, all Oregon Health Authority (OHA) registered Medical Marijuana Grow Sites that have more than 2 patients or more than 2 growers will have to utilize the state’s METRC based Cannabis Tracking System (CTS).”

Since early registration will be needed to get all the growers set up in time, two separate traveling education and training events have been developed to help medical growers and the few medical only dispensaries and processors left in the state understand, register and navigate the requirements. The OMMP community outreach education offered by the OHA will focus solely on getting set up and registered for the required tracking while the OLCC/OHA combination events will focus mainly on the CTS training and education, with some minor focus on the registration.

The rules require a designated grow site administrator be assigned that will be responsible for reporting. An Oregon Medical Marijuana Online System (OMMOS) account is required and CTS reporting will be ongoing and mandatory for certain growers under the new rules. Continued OMMOS reporting will be ongoing and mandatory for growsites with fewer than 12 plants under certain circumstances. Those required to participate that do not could face revocation of their grow privileges.

The OHA will be offering the community outreach education events in 9 cities over the next few weeks to help growers understand their new responsibilities and requirements. This education event is expected to take about 90 minutes.

“The focus of the sessions is to provide information to registered medical growers on how to designate a grow site administrator (GSA) for those sites that are required to use the state’s Cannabis Tracking System (CTS).” The OHA said in a press release on April 27th. “OMMP staff members will also review the requirements around when a grow site is required to use CTS, when it is required to report monthly into the Oregon Medical Marijuana Online System (OMMOS) or when a grow site is exempt from any kind of reporting and tracking.”

The cities and dates for the OMMP education: (see OMMP press release for addresses and details):

St. Helens – May 3 (at the Columbia Center)

Portland – May 4, 10, 11 (Portland State Office Bldg)

Albany – May 4 (Albany Public Library)

Salem – May 8 (Cherry Ave. Training Center)

Tillamook – May 10 (Tillamook County Library)

Madras – May 14 (Jefferson County Library)

Grants Pass – May 16, 17 (Grants Pass Library)

Eugene – TBD

The OLCC/OHA combination events will have four sections with a heavy focus on training for the CTS. The first portion of each event is allotted to the OHA and will cover the registration that they covered in their outreach events. The second portion will be an overview of the OLCC program and rules that will now apply to the medical licensees, including the fees and requirements (a state certified scale will be necessary to enter any “weights” into METRC). The third portion will be a review by the Oregon Department of Agriculture on pesticides and testing requirements and allowable levels. The final portion will comprise almost half the event and will be training for the CTS and be lead by METRC staff on using their system. This training event is expected to take about four hours.

“During May and June, OMMP and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) will embark on a CTS “roadshow” to help registered medical growers, dispensaries and processors understand the cannabis tracking system,” the OHA explained in their memo. “OMMP staff members will be on hand to provide an overview of program changes. OLCC will hold a workshop on how to use CTS for medical registrants. One of the sessions will be videotaped and posted on the OLCC YouTube channel.”

The cities and dates for CTS training: (information on their Eventbright page here):

Portland – May 2, 3, 8, 9 (OLCC Headquarters)

Grants Pass – May 23 (Josephine County Fairgrounds)

Ashland – May 24 (Ashland Hills Hotel)

Eugene – May 31 (Lane Community College)

Newport – June 1 (Best Western Agate Beach)

Roseburg – June 7 (Douglas County Fairgrounds)

Bend – June 12 (Sunriver Resort)

Both the OLCC and the OHA are recommending that licensees impacted by these changes attend both events. Early registration of a GSA is necessary to insure the grows will be properly registered and approved by the July 1, 2018 deadline for CTS tracking, which is the main purpose of the OHA community outreach education events.

For more information on the events, contact the OMMP at 971-673-1234 between 12:00 and 4:00 Monday through Friday, or visit them online here.

Keith Mansur

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