Pesticide Alert: OMRI Listed Azatrin and Neemix Stop Sale Issued in Oregon

By OCC Staff
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July 27, 2017 — Another stop sale has been issued on products containing pesticides not on the label in Oregon. Azatin O®, manufactured by OHP, Inc of Pensylvania, and Neemix 4.5®, manufactured by Certis USA, LLC of Maryland, were both found to contain a number of pesticides in addition to azadarachtin, a concentrated extract of the Neem plant. Both products were determined by Oregon Dept. of Agriculture to have bifenthrin and fenpropathrin in their mix, and the Azatin O® also had lambda-cyhalothrin.

A Stop Sale, Use or Removal Order (SSURO) was issued which demands the companies stop selling, offer to sell or distribute the products in Oregon. Resellers and the genral public is advised not to sell or distribute the products either. All three pesticides are pyrethroids.

Toxicology on the pesticides found:

bifenthrin link:

fenpropathrin link:

lambda-cyhalothrin link:

OLCC memos:

For Neemix 4.5® click here and for Azatin O® click here.


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